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This article is about the genetic memory of Kassandra. You may be looking for the altered genetic memory.

Home Sweet Home was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


Returning to Sparta after seventeen years was an experience, both for Kassandra as well as her mother Myrrine. Some things had changed, some had been forgotten, and some things had remained the same.


Approaching the Village of Gytheion aboard the Adrestia, Barnabas spoke to Kassandra.

  • Barnabas: You looked troubled, Kassandra.
  • Kassandra: This bay feels... familiar somehow.
  • Barnabas: A bird can fly away for seasons, but it will always recognize its nest when it returns. This is Sparta.
  • Kassandra: I don't think I'm welcome here.
  • Barnabas: I'm not sure of much, Kassandra, but I do know that when the time is right, we always get to go home.
  • Kassandra: And where is your home, Barnabas?
  • Barnabas: I'll save that story for another day.
ACOD Home Sweet Home 01

Kassandra and Myrrine embracing

The Adrestia docked and Kassandra stepped onto Lakedaemonian land for the first time in 17 years. Myrrine called out to her.

  • Myrrine: Kassandra!

The two placed their hands on each other's face.

  • Myrrine: Lamb... you made it. I trust the seas were favorable?
  • Kassandra: Poseidon might be the only one not trying to kill me.
  • Myrrine: And, did you go to Thera? Did you find... him?

  • Kassandra: Not yet.
  • Myrrine: You should. The answers to many of your questions are there. Your father would be proud to see how you've grown.
  • Kassandra: For now, let's deal with what needs to be done here.

  • Kassandra: I did.
  • Myrrine: What did he tell you?

  • Kassandra: He told me where I'm from and where I must go.
  • Myrrine: So now you know the truth.
  • Kassandra: I'm not his daughter. I'm just a... weapon.
  • Myrrine: That is the furthest thing from the truth. You were brought into this world with love.

  • Kassandra: He told me a lot of things: Ikaros was once his, the doors to Atlantis need to be sealed, and something about mind-controlling artifacts... I think I left with more questions than answers.
  • Myrrine: Yes... he tends to have that effect on people.
  • Kassandra: When you and he... um, well, did you know he was over a hundred years old?
  • Myrrine: He looked young for his age.

  • Kassandra: Let's focus on what needs to be done in Sparta.
  • Myrrine: You can keep it secret if that's what you want. But you don't have to carry all of your burdens alone. Not anymore.

  • Myrrine: I never imagined we'd stand on Spartan soil together again.

  • Kassandra: As much as I cursed this place for what it did to us, it feels more like home home than Kephallonia ever did.

  • Kassandra: I don't know how to feel. I spent some of the happiest days of my life here. And some of the worst too.

  • Kassandra: It's strange to be back. I spent so long running from this place.
  • Myrrine: So did I. But we can't run from anything anymore.
  • Kassandra: Agreed.

  • Myrrine: Sparta is our home. But we'll have to rid ourselves of the puppet king if we are ever to find peace.
  • Kassandra: Whatever happened to our old house?
  • Myrrine: Nikolaos stayed after I left. But now that he's... gone, I don't know.
  • Kassandra: Why don't we go find out?
  • Myrrine: Of course. But first, there's something I want to show you.

They made for the horses and rode the path north out of the village.

  • Myrrine: The closer we get to Sparta, the more memories keep flooding in.
  • Kassandra: No matter how far I ran, I could never escape them.
  • Myrrine: I know. On Naxos I could forget. It was as if I had locked Sparta in a box and tossed it to the bottom of the sea.
  • Kassandra: Did you put your memories of us in that box?
  • Myrrine: I wanted to. But it would have taken all the wood in the land to build one big enough.
ACOD Home Sweet Home 03

Kassandra and Myrrine overlooking the Lakonian forest

They rode to a cliff overlooking the Spartan training grounds, with the main gate of Sparta itself in the distance.

  • Myrrine: This is where I first trained you to use your spear.
  • Kassandra: "Hesitation only hastens the grave."

Myrrine laughed.

  • Myrrine: You remembered.
  • Kassandra: How do you think I got this far?
  • Myrrine: We had to pry that spear from your hand while you slept. You said you needed it to fight the monsters in your dreams.
  • Kassandra: I couldn't face Cerberus empty handed.
ACOD Home Sweet Home 04

Kassandra and Myrrine observing a Spartan boy surrounded by wolves

She heard the bark of a wolf and looked down at the woods. She saw a pack of wolves advancing on two Spartan boys with little more than spears.

  • Kassandra: Those children will be ripped to shreds! We should help them!
  • Myrrine: Kassandra, wait! You mustn't interfere. This is Spartan training territory.

  • Kassandra: I can't stand here doing nothing. I'm going to help them.

  • Kassandra: I hope you're right. For their sake.

Kassandra paused at her mother's callousness.

  • Myrrine: The agoge is what turns boys into men. Interfering would only weaken them, weaken Sparta.
  • Kassandra: They're no good to Sparta if we leave them to die.
  • Myrrine: And they're no good to Sparta if they're too weak to kill a wolf. Come. Let's go home.

Kassandra had to choose between interfering to save the boys, Nikeratos and Hebontes, or leaving them to certain death.

  • (If Kassandra interfered)
  • Kassandra slew the wolves, but Hebontes was injured.
    • Hebontes: Help! I can't feel my legs!
  • Kassandra knelt down to speak to him.
    • Hebontes: Mater?

  • Kassandra: I'm not your mother. But I'm sure she's proud of you.
  • Hebontes: Tell her I'm sorry I yelled. I was angry, I didn't mean to...

  • Kassandra: I'm here.
  • Hebontes: I'm so cold.
  • Kassandra: The sea that will carry you is very warm.
  • Hebontes: I'm sorry I yelled at you. I was angry. It wasn't your fault...

Kassandra shushed him soothingly.

  • Kassandra: You have nothing to be sorry for.

Hebontes succumbed to his injuries. A Spartan appeared from behind at Nikeratos' side as Kassandra rose to her feet.

  • Spartan Heavy Soldier: He died with honor.
  • Kassandra: His death was unnecessary.
  • Spartan Heavy Soldier: What are you doing here?

  • Kassandra: I was passing by when the wolves attacked these boys. But they're Spartans in training, so I let them handle things on their own.
  • Nikeratos: She lies! She fought the wolves, clearly wanting glory for herself!
  • Spartan Heavy Soldier: You've interfered with Spartan law and lied about it. There's more honor in that dead boy's heart. You should return to where you came from.

  • Kassandra: These boys were in trouble. I thought I'd help.
  • Nikeratos: No she didn't!
  • Spartan Heavy Soldier: Don't lie to me, boy. You should be ashamed of yourself.

The man turned to Kassandra.

  • Spartan Heavy Soldier: And you. These boys are weaker now because of you. The Spartan army will be weaker because of you. I should kill you where you stand.

Myrrine intervened before things got bloodier.

  • Myrrine: Are you all right? What happened?
  • Kassandra: I couldn't just stand by and watch.
  • Myrrine: The agoge is what turns boys into men. And soldiers into Spartans. You have only made them weaker by interfering.

The soldier and Nikeratos walked away, casting a scornful look at Kassandra.

  • Kassandra: What good are they to anyone if they're dead?
  • Myrrine: Kassandra, please! This isn't Kephallonia, Naxos, or anywhere else. This is Sparta, and breaking Spartan law can get you killed.
  • Kassandra: Believe me, mater. I know exactly what breaking Spartan law gets you.

The soldier slung Hebontes' corpse over his shoulder as he and Nikeratos walked off. Myrrine broke the silence.

  • Myrrine: Come. Let's go home.

Kassandra and Myrrine rode off and discussed the agoge.

  • Kassandra: That training is ruthless.
  • Myrrine: Not ruthless. Effective. The best of those boys will become krypteia—keepers of the peace, and stalkers in the night.
  • Kassandra: Stalkers in the night?
  • Myrrine: There's a reason Sparta never changes. It has rules, and they are strict. Spartans rule Lakonia, but most of its citizens are helotsenslaved peasants, made to work the fields and mines.
  • Kassandra: Slaves? Why don't they revolt?
  • Myrrine: Spartan fields keep them fed, and Spartan warriors keep them safe. First from the Persians, and now from the Athenians.
  • Myrrine: When they forget their place, the krypteia are ordered to keep the peace.
  • Kassandra: I see.
  • Myrrine: Most of us make great sacrifices for comfort.
  • Kassandra: Most. Not all.

After a long ride, the two finally arrived at the entrance to Sparta.

  • Kassandra: I never thought I'd find myself back in Sparta. It looks so peaceful despite the war raging elsewhere.

They continued the ride into the heart of the city, then dismounted and approached their old home.

  • Kassandra: This was the first and last place I ever felt safe.
  • Myrrine: As soon as you were old enough to hold a spear, you trained in this yard from morning till night.
  • Kassandra: Nikolaos was a tough teacher to please.
  • Myrrine: He hid his pride from you. But every night he would tell me, "She's going to bring glory to Sparta."

  • Kassandra: If he were a better man, he wouldn't have let go of me.
  • Myrrine: My heart broke that day. But if we are ever to heal, as a family, we must stop re-opening old wounds.
  • Kassandra: Some wounds never close.

  • Kassandra: As much as I hate him for what he did, I wouldn't be who I am today without his training.
  • Myrrine: My heart broke that day. But for the first time in ages, standing here with you, I truly believe it can mend again.
  • Kassandra: Me too.

  • Myrrine: Do you remember the first time you held your brother?

  • Kassandra: I was scared I'd break him. I piled every blanket and pillow we had around me.

  • Kassandra: I've tried to block out what happened here.
  • Myrrine: You were so scared of breaking him. You ran around the house, gathering every pillow and blanket. You piled them all around you, and only then did you feel safe to hold him.
  • Kassandra: He was so small.

  • Myrrine: Even then you held him so tight I thought you would squeeze the life out of him.
  • Kassandra: He turned out stronger than we thought.

Brasidas approached them, evidently happy to see Kassandra again.

  • Brasidas: The gods must be playing tricks on my eyes.

  • Kassandra: Good to see you, Brasidas. It's been a long time since I rescued you from that warehouse fire in Korinth.

They clasped hands, and Brasidas laughed.

  • Brasidas: That's not how I remember it.

  • Kassandra: Brasidas! It's amazing you've survived this long, sneaking up on people like that.

Brasidas laughed.

  • Brasidas: Last time I saw you, I had to pull you out of a burning warehouse.

  • Myrrine: You look well, Brasidas.
  • Brasidas: The rumors were true. You're alive.
  • Myrrine: Many we thought to be dead are still breathing.
  • Brasidas: When I heard the two of you came home...
  • Myrrine: We're in Sparta, but we're not home yet.
  • Kassandra: We want our house back, Brasidas.

(If Nikolaos survived The Wolf of Sparta)

  • Brasidas: Sparta claimed your estate after Nikolaos' disappearance. They're waiting for his adopted son to claim it, but he hasn't returned.
  • Kassandra: Stentor? I knew I should have killed him on the beach.

  • Kassandra: What do we have to do to get it back?
  • Brasidas: You'll need to negotiate your Spartan citizenship with the kings. It won't be easy.

  • Kassandra: Sparta can't just take our home!
  • Brasidas: They can. They did. And if you want it back you'll have to convince the two kings, which won't be easy.

  • Myrrine: Why not?
  • Brasidas: As happy as I am to see you, the kings won't be. Especially Archidamos. Your exit from Sparta wasn't exactly... graceful.
  • Myrrine: He can't still be mad I broke his nose.
  • Kassandra: You what?
  • Brasidas: In any case, he hasn't forgotten, but I have an idea that might help him forgive.
  • Kassandra: Tell us.
ACOD Home Sweet Home 07

Brasidas giving Kassandra an errand to help her gain Archidamos's favor

  • Brasidas: Spartan soldiers have been giving weapons to the helots. Whoever takes care of these traitors will earn his thanks.

(If players asked "Why would Spartans help helots?")

  • Kassandra: Why on earth would Spartan soldiers be helping helots?
  • Brasidas: Helots greatly outnumber Spartan citizens. But they're leaderless—mostly farm hands, servants, and apprentices. If someone unified them, armed them and trained them, they'd be a real threat to Sparta.
  • Kassandra: But you said it was Spartans who were arming them.
  • Brasidas: All the more reason to deal with this quickly. You'll find out why the helots are being armed, and you'll have the kings' attention.

(If players asked "Where will I find these Spartans?")

(If players asked "What should I do when I find them?")

  • Kassandra: So, I find the soldiers. Then what?
  • Brasidas: Spartans are loyal to their commander. Take him out, and the rest should disperse.
  • Kassandra: And the weapons?
  • Brasidas: Destroy them. The helots have caused enough trouble with shovels and sickles, the last thing Sparta needs right now is them carrying swords.

(Leave – "I'll take care of this.")

  • Kassandra: So, to get our house back, I must take out the Spartan commander responsible for inciting a useless rebellion. Sounds easy enough.
  • Brasidas: Find me in the throne room when it's done.

Brasidas took his leave. Kassandra asked her mother what her plans were.

  • Kassandra: And where will you be?
  • Myrrine: This is where I raised you—it's also where Leonidas raised me. I'm going to visit his tomb, just beyond the estate. You should pay your respects, too, before you get started.
  • Kassandra: I'll try.


Kassandra and Myrrine returned to Sparta, but reclaiming their citizenship and home was another matter.



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