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Home Sweet Home was an altered representation of one of Aguilar de Nerha's genetic memories.

Aguilar's Journal

Horacio de Heredia's strength would be a great addition to our cause. We must earn his trust by joining his fight against those responsible for his family's execution.

The Heredia estate has since been claimed by one of Torquemada's sergeants. As a first step, we will help Horacio reclaim his ancestral home from the Inquisition's grip.


The Spanish Assassins met Horacio outside his estate.

  • Aguilar: Horacio de Heredia! Your blood must be boiling, but we advise caution.
  • Horacio: Who are you? You are not of the Inquisition, are you?
  • Aguilar: Quite the opposite, friend. We have learned of the tragedy that befell your family, and wish to offer our help in avenging it.
  • Horacio: I see. Well then, you can join me in spilling the blood of the Inquisition. But I won't be responsible for your lives.
  • Aguilar: Do not worry, we can hold our own! To proceed, I propose that we--
  • Horacio: I cannot wait any longer. I must cleanse my family's estate from this filth. Join me or leave!
  • Aguilar: Wait, Horacio!

Horacio ran into his estate. The Assassins followed, clearing the rooms of Templar soldiers before reuniting with Horacio in an upstairs parlor littered with corpses.

  • Horacio: *Wheeze" ...Ah, friends... I fear I- *cough* might have been a bit reckless... I should have waited for you... But even if it kills me, I must- *cough*, still bring justice to... those responsible for... my family's massacre!
  • Aguilar: Don't be a fool, Horacio! You are severely wounded and in no shape to continue. We will take care of you. And while you rest, we will find out who is responsible, and we will track them for you. You have the word of the Assassin Brotherhood; they will receive retribution.


Horacio and the Spanish Assassins reclaimed his family estate from Inquisition forces. In the process, Horacio was heavily wounded, prompting the Assassins to offer him their hospitality.