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Home Invasion was a virtual representation of one of Ezio Auditore da Firenze's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


After saving Lorenzo de' Medici during the Pazzi conspiracy, Ezio Auditore traveled to the Palazzo Medici only to find it in disarray.


Ezio entered the Palazzo Medici.

  • Ezio: What happened here? Signor Lorenzo?

Three Pazzi guards walked in.

  • Guard 1: Lorenzo's currently indisposed. Hey! You're the one who killed Francesco de' Pazzi. Get him!
  • Guard 2: With pleasure!

Ezio killed the three guards and climbed to the second floor of the palazzo, where he encountered more guards.

Home Invasion 8

Ezio hiding from the guards

  • Guard 4: I know I heard a noise down there. It's time to earn your Florins. I want half of you to search the courtyard, the other half come with me to check the Chapel.
  • Guard 5: Si, Capitano! (Yes, Captain!)
  • Guard 4: Then we check the secret passageways.
  • Guard 6: What about Lorenzo?
  • Guard 4: By now, Lorenzo is already dead.

After killing the guards in both rooms, Ezio climbed to the third floor.

  • Guard 7: Lorenzo! Porca vacca! (God damn it!) Someone find a way to get inside there.
  • Guard 8: You heard him! You two, get a ladder!

Ezio entered a bedroom off to the side.

  • Guard 9: What are we doing with the ladder?
  • Guard 10: Lorenzo isn't coming out.
  • Guard 8: What's taking them so long? If you both weren't so loud, he wouldn't have heard us coming.
  • Guard 10: Merda, (shit) you were the loud one.
  • Guard 11: All of you, mind your own business and keep watch.

Ezio pulled a lever opening the secret door to the room he was in.

  • Guard 10: It opened.
  • Guard 8: Did you hear that? It came from the bedroom.
  • Guard 10: Whoever opened it must be in there.
  • Guard 7: There's an intruder in the bedroom. Go kill him!
  • Guard 9: S-si, Capitano! (Y-Yes, Captain!)

Ezio killed all of the guards and entered Lorenzo's secret hideout.

Home Invasion 10

Ezio finding Lorenzo

  • Lorenzo: Get back!
  • Ezio: Lower your sword. It's me.
  • Lorenzo: Ezio! Again, you save me. First, they enter my church, now my home.
  • Ezio: I'll hunt them down. They won't come near you again.
  • Lorenzo: Look around you. This is one of my treasure rooms. You are entitled to take anything you wish from it, in thanks for what you've done. I trust my apartments are safe now?
  • Ezio: Yes, Signore. Thank you for this most gracious gift. I must go, but I will come to you again when all the Pazzi are dead.
  • Lorenzo: I will not forget what you have done for me. Buona fortuna (Good luck).

Ezio collected his reward and returned to the city.


Ezio saved Lorenzo from the Templars, and received a gift of florins from the Florentine leader in gratitude.



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