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Hoarders was a virtual representation of one of Arno Dorian's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Arno met with Élise at Luxembourg Palace, preparing to assassinate Marie Lévesque.


  • Arno: You were right. Marie Lévesque had men unloading the barges and taking the grain to the Palais du Luxembourg.
  • Élise: If the people think the royal family has been hoarding food in a time of famine....
  • Arno: Bedlam - just the sort of thing Germain seems to thrive on.
  • Élise: Madame Lévesque is yours. I'll find the stolen grain and try to get it out of there before anyone else finds it.
  • Arno: Stay out of trouble.

Élise looked at Arno, surprised.

  • Arno: Don't get caught.

From atop a building, Arno surveyed the area. He saw a merchant on a cart loaded with fireworks surrounded by thugs.

  • Merchant: Help! Help! Someone help me!
  • Thug 1: Hand over the powder!
Hoarders Michel

The prisoner with his wife

He then saw a woman speaking through a cell window to her husband.

  • Wife: What will we do, Michel?
  • Michel: If I could only get my hands on that guard....

Arno then saw a servant speaking with Lévesque.

  • Servant: Lovely party. You've outdone yourself this time.
  • Lévesque: Merci. Now, pray excuse me, I need to see to my husband.

Arno began his infiltration.

  • Merchant: Back, you ruffians!
    Someone, please!
  • Thug 1: Walk away and all this can be over!
    Don't make us hurt you!
  • Thug 2: Let's have it!
    Let's go, old man!
  • Merchant: Guards!
  • Thug 1: Just give us the damn powder!
  • Thug 2: We don't have time for this!

Arno killed the thugs and approached the merchant.

  • Merchant: (Thank you, sir.)
  • Arno: Are you all right?
  • Merchant: Fine, fine. If you can see me off safely, I promise you the show of a lifetime!
  • Arno: Far be it from me to ignore an artist in need.

Arno escorted the cart.

  • Merchant: Almost there!
    Nearly done!
    Look out!
    Here come more!
    Another lot of brigands!
    Persistent lot, aren't they?
    Watch out!
    That's the last of them!
  • Thugs: Let's have it!

Arno approached the merchant.

  • Merchant: Thank, my friend. I only wish I could reward you properly.
  • Arno: No need. The distraction will be more than enough.
  • Merchant: What was that?
  • Arno: Nothing.

Arno approached the woman and her husband.

  • Wife: What's to become of us, Michel? You're to be sent to the galleys! It was only a loaf of bread!
  • Michel: Every man in here is convicted of the same or less.
  • Wife: This is what they call "justice," then?
  • Michel: Were it only in my power I would burst these prison bars asunder and fight my way to freedom. Every man imprisoned here would. But such is not to be our fate, I fear.
  • Wife: (Oh, Michel. I love you.)
  • Michel: (I love you.)
  • Guard 1: Everything locked up tight here?
  • Guard 2: Oui, monsieur.
  • Guard 1: Let me see that lock. Good. Looks secure. Make sure this cell's double-bolted. I don't like the look of this lot.
  • Guard 2: Yes, sir.
  • Guard 3: Cells are coming along nicely.
  • Guard 4: Quite.
  • Prisoners: Let us out! We can help!
    I'm begging you! I have a family!
    What did we do to deserve this?
    Let us out!
    Just get me out of here!
    Free us!
    Anything you want, just let me out!
    Let us out of here!
    You want money? I have money! Just let me out and it's yours!

Arno managed to unlock the cell doors, and the prisoners attacked the guards.

  • Prisoners: Shit! We've got an escape!
    Get the bastards!
    Go! Go!

Arno found Thomas Lévesque in a locked room.

  • Thomas: Help me!
    Let me out!
    You have to listen to me!
    Open this door!

Arno found a way into the room.

  • Thomas: You have to help! It's my wife! She's locked me in here! You have to let me out, I have to stop her!
  • Arno: I know the company your wife keeps. I think you're in over your head.
  • Thomas: Please, I beg you! You don't know what she's capable of!

Arno managed to unlock the door and free Thomas.

  • Thomas: Merci, monsieur!
  • Guard 5: Shit! He's loose!
  • Guard 6: After him!

Lévesque held a speech for the guests.

  • Lévesque: Mesdames et Messieurs! I would like to thank you all for coming. Tonight we celebrate another milestone on the road to liberty. Tchin!
  • Guests: Tchin!

Lévesque began socializing with the guests.

  • Lévesque: Claudette! You look lovely tonight!
    Any problems?
  • Servant: No, Madame.
  • Lévesque: And my husband?
  • Servant: Secure, Madame.
  • Lévesque: Good.
    Is that a new suit? Very fetching.
    Everyone all right here? More wine, anyone?
    So glad to see you.
    I do hope you're not thinking of leaving. The evening's only just beginning.
    So pleased you could make it!
    Make sure they search the wine cellars soon. I want everyone here when the grain is found.
  • Guest 1: Quite the party, isn't it?
  • Guest 2: I find the whole thing a bit gauche.
  • Guest 1: Why?
  • Guest 2: Celebrating the opening of a prison while people starve in the streets? Isn't this precisely what we rebelled against?
  • Guest 1: Celebrating the triumph of revolutionary justice over the tyranny of the monarchy.
  • Guest 2: Hmph.
  • Guest 3: I hear they'll start deliberating on whether to bring the King to trial soon.
  • Guest 4: Trial? Pah! The man's a tyrant and an enemy of the nation. He should be executed straight away.
  • Guest 3: This is what happens when you let a room full of lawyers run a country. It's all trials and depositions.
  • Guest 5: Did you hear about (Mister) Vidal?
  • Guest 6: No! What happened?
  • Guest 5: Someone broke into his bakery. Stole all his flour.
  • Guest 6: Dreadful.
  • Guest 5: Yes. He's quite ruined.
  • Guest 7: About time the government seized this place. The prisons are full to bursting.
  • Guest 8: Too right. I expect we'll have to turn every palace in France into a prison before this is over.
  • Guest 7: A better use from them, no?
  • Guest 9: Hidden safes, secret correspondences, royal scandals? It's too good. Like one of de Sandras' adventure novels.
  • Guest 10: I don't recall Cardinal Mazarin ending on the guillotine.

Lévesque spotted Arno.

  • Lévesque: Guards! Assassin!
    Raise the alarm!
    Get him!
    We were so close....
    Blasted Assassins! How did they know...?
    Too soon! It's too soon!
    Where did he come from?
    Blast it!

Arno assassinated Lévesque. Through her memories, he saw her as a girl with her mother.

Hoarders 6

A young Lévesque with her mother

  • Mother: Remember what I taught you, Marie.
  • Lévesque: (Yes, Mama.)

Lévesque was given a Templar pin. The vision then changed to Lévesque at Germain's expulsion from the Templar Order.

  • De la Serre: François-Thomas Germain. For your crimes against the Templar Order, you are cast out. Let any man offering succor to the exile share his fate.

Germain was taken away by de la Serre's guards.

  • Germain: Fool! De Molay speaks to me! I know his mind, de la Serre! DE LA SERRE!

The vision changed to Lévesque being adressed by her servant.

  • Servant: My lady? You have a caller.

Germain arrived.

  • Germain: I need your help, Marie.

Lévesque nodded. The vision then changed to the Templar meeting at the Hôtel de Beauvais.

Hoarders 12

Lévesque at the Templar meeting

  • Rouille: You were right. King Louis has been talking to all sorts he shouldn't have. Plotting against the Revolution out of one side of his mouth while he promises to support the Constitution out the other.
  • Germain: Good. I trust you can get this information into the proper hands, Monsieur le Peletier?
  • Le Peletier: Of course, Grand Master. With this evidence in hand, the King's conviction is certain.

The vision ended, and Arno was exposed.

  • Guests: Murder!
    What's happening?
    (My God), she's dead!
    Sound the alarm!
    Send for reinforcements!

Arno escaped the palace.


Arno assassinated Marie Lévesque. Through her memories, he learned of a Templar plot to execute King Louis, undertaken by Louis-Michel le Peletier.



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