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The Hnituðr is a Piece of Eden forged by the Isu blacksmith Völund.[1] It was a golden bracelet forged in seven pieces, each adorned with a different rune that shone with a different color,[1] with the power of deflecting most weapons used against the wearer, making them virtually invincible.[2] It is considered a Ring of Eden.[3]



One of many bracelets made by Völund,[4] the Hnituðr was named by Geirmund Hel-hide's ancestors because it was part of the destiny of all who wore it.[1] It was kept atop an altar in Völund's forge in the North Sea until the late 9th century, when he offered it to Geirmund, who accepted the gift.[1]

After Geirmund reached England as part of the Viking expansion, he hid the bracelet under his tunic to not attract any unwanted attention.[5] At some point during the battle of Ashdown, he was wounded and fell into a river, only to be found days later by Danes loyal to Guthrum. When in audience with Guthrum, Geirmund presented the bracelet to him, meaning to show the gift Völund had given him, though the Dane believed Geirmund was gifting him the bracelet and took it. Seeing no way to recover it without insulting the man he was loyal to, Geirmund let the matter drop.[6]

Guthrum wore the bracelet during the Battle of Bedwyn, where the Anglo-Saxons seemed unable to hit him, garnering a bigger reputation, as well as creating rumors about it, which he attempted to curb by wearing the Hnituðr beneath his sleeve. Thorgrim, one of the Hel-hides, theorized no weapon of steel or iron could touch Guthrum.[7] Guthrum also wore it during the Battle of Meretun, and he told Geirmund that the vision of him being untouched behind the enemy lines had prompted King Alfred of Wessex to negotiate peace.[8]

Though Geirmund and his crew kept it secret, others were aware of it like the Hidden One Hytham[9] and Alfred, who included as a term for peace that Guthrum had to give up the bracelet so it could be destroyed.[2] Upon uncovering that Guthrum and Alfred were working together, Geirmund went to confront the former on his deception. The two of them fought, though most of the weapons Geirmund used ended up being useless, apart from a bronze knife given to him by Bragi Boddason, which managed to wound Guthrum in the thigh. Realizing Geirmund had both the will and the means to kill him, Guthrum gave up the bracelet. Geirmund put it on and left.[2]

The Hel-hides left England and joined Hámund Hel-hide at sea, where they gained fame and fortune. After Geirmund's death, the bracelet disappeared, not being found on him nor in any of his halls.[10]



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