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Hjorr Halfsson (c. 815 – 878) was a member of western Norway's leading royal dynasty, before King Harald claimed dominion over all kingdoms. He left his homeland for England, where he soon sat on the king's council in Jorvik. With his wife Ljufvina, he fathered the twins Geirmund and Hámund.[2]

Behind the scenes

Hjorr is a historical character in Assassin's Creed: Valhalla. He is voiced by English actor Gunnar Cauthery.

Hjorr, his wife Ljufvina and their son Geimund are all historical figures, descended from the legendary king for whom Avaldsnes was named, Augvald. However, the Hjorr who married Ljufvina historically was called Hjorr Fleinsson; Hjorr Halfsson was his grandfather. [citation needed]



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