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9th century Hill of Tara

The Hill of Tara is a ceremonious site in Meath, Ireland. This hill held the tradition of being the inauguration site of the High Kings of Ireland and also is home to the ancient standing stone, Lia Fáil.


In the late 9th century, Viking jarlskona Eivor Varinsdottir of the Raven Clan visited Tara alongside her cousin, Bárid mac Ímair as attendees to Flann Sinna's coronation to High King. During the coronation, Abbot Eogan mac Cartaigh blessed and presented Flann Sinna the title of High King while Flann's royal poetess, Ollamh Érenn Ciara ingen Medba, sang a song in honor of Flann.[1]

After the defeat of the member of the Children of Danu known by the cryptonym of "The Oak",[2] Flann Sinna initially agreed to have Druids either leave Ireland or become Christians. Feeling betrayed, Ciara left as Eivor and Flann followed her back to Tara. It turned out that Ciara had the power to activate the Lia Fáil, which gave her powers she sought to use to save her druidic religion. Eivor came to reason with Ciara and eventually stopped Ciara before she went too far. After stopping Ciara, Eivor saw that the power of Lia Fáil was removed and thus all that was left was a remnant of the stone.[3]




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