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Hilda (died 877), also known as The Quill, was a Anglo-Saxon member of the Wardens of Faith sect of the Order of the Ancients in England during the 9th century. Holding the title of Preost, Hilda worked and hid in the underground sewers of the city of Wincestre.


Being told that a woman of intellect has no place in the Church, Hilda was shown this in her youth. An orphan at 6 years old, Hilda found an abode at a monastery. However, instead of learning like the boys did, Hilda was shoved into doing menial chores in the kitchen. As a sneak, she listened at the creaks of doors and in the shadows and found out secrets from the men of the cloth. Extorting them with their secrets, Hilda wanted only to learn reading, writing, and Latin from these men, nothing more. Hilda's knowledge was seen as burden in the Church, but a welcome advantage in the Order. Bishop Ealhferth saw Hilda's wit as well as callousness. Hilda soon built an expansive underworld with children acting as her observers and thieves, just like what she used to do. All over Wincestre, Hilda could know everything happening in her city if she wanted.[1]

The cryptonym, The Quill, was mentioned from a letter of the Poor Fellow-Soldier of Christ from King Aelfred to the Viking shieldmaiden Eivor Varinsdottir of the Raven Clan. The three targets were The Quill, The Gallows, and The Seax, who wanted to kill Aelfred. From Aelfred's note, it stated that The Quill wanted to ridicule and dismiss the king's education reforms.[2]

After The Gallows' death, at the Nun's Minster, The Quill was mentioned by Reeve Goodwin to King Aelfred and Eivor, as it appeared that she was using the children of Wincestre for her slander postings and eyes around the city. After a conversation, a girl eavesdropped on the meeting, but Eivor saw and thought the girl might lead her to The Quill.[3]

From Eivor's investigation, The Quill's location and identity were asked by Eivor to two homeless children, Wigbert and Aelwyn. At first, they stated that they are not working for The Quill and that Eivor dealt with The Quill's thugs from a previous encounter. Nevertheless, a key to The Quill's hideout was given and so was the identity of The Quill: Hilda.[3]

Within a empty corridor in Wincestre's sewers, Hilda, alongside her apprentice, Aelwyn, watched above as they seemingly trapped Eivor. After brief discussions, Hilda called in reinforcements as she shot at Eivor from a crossbow above. Despite the onslaught, Hilda's guards were eliminated and soon Hilda was assassinated. Thus, Hilda's exploitation of the children of Wincestre was stopped.[3]


  • Like other Order members, Hilda's cutscene in the Memory Corridor differs. Her confession consisted of the shadows of all the children she 'saved', but then those spirits immediately vanished after Eivor showed the error of taking such innocence.
    • Hilda's medallion was then dropped from her soul once she slit her throat with a feather quill.
    • Her last words were a negative form of the last words mentioned by Ezio Auditore da Firenze, whenever he ended most of his targets' lives.
    • Her final act is also similar to Amunet's last act, in the Memory Corridor, towards Lucius Septimius, The Jackal, when she slit his throat with a feather, in Assassin's Creed: Origins.
  • Hilda is one of the four Order members that wanted and planned to kill Aelfred, along with The Gallows, The Seax, and The Instrument.
  • Hilda's actions of indoctrinating children to the Order is very reminiscent of the actions of the Cult of Kosmos member, Chrysis, who raised children, through her painful perspective of the world, for the Cult.
  • Hilda shares comparisons with Talal in Jerusalem in 2007 video game, Assassin's Creed. Both were leaders of criminal enterprises within their own respective cities. During Hilda's confession and Talal's confession, both expressed disappointment at their killers for not seeing clearly at what "benefits" they were giving their victims, the children and the slaves, respectively. They also lured the protagonist in their hideout to kill them with their guards. They are both marksmen, Talal with a bow and Hilda with a crossbow.