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This article is about the altered memory of Aguilar de Nerha. You may be looking for the genetic memory of Bayek.

Higher Education was an altered representation of one of Aguilar de Nerha's genetic memories.

Aguilar's Journal

Alvarado has shown his true face! He slew Ramírez and escaped with the third piece of the Staff of Eden, cursing us all. He plans to claim Torquemada's reward for himself and disappear.

Alvarado may know the location of the second piece, which we took from Ojeda at the Monastery of St. Lucia. Our allies at the University of Salamanca will not be prepared if he finds them. We must go there at once!

We will travel to Salamanca and stop Alvarado from getting the final Staff piece. If he does, it could be disastrous, as he will surely give the artifact to Torquemada. This could very well render us incapable of opposing the Inquisition.

We must protect the Staff, and, if possible, repay the turncloak for his treachery.


The Spanish Assassins met outside the doors of the university.

  • Aguilar: That traitor Alvarado already has two Staff pieces. If he finds the last one...
  • Spanish Assassin 1: We have to hope he hasn't learned it is hidden here.
  • Spanish Assassin 2: The scholars will not be able to stop him. We must hurry.

The Spanish Assassins made their way through the university, evading or eliminating the Spanish soldiers patrolling the school's halls. They soon reached the library, where they found a trapdoor at the far end of the room. Descending into the chamber, they saw a wounded scholar standing beside an open chest on a pedestal.

  • Aguilar: Oh no. My friend, what happened here?
  • Scholar: Alvarado... He... claimed to be one of you. He knew we were hiding a piece of the Staff. But... I refused to give it to him. He... he stabbed me in the back.
  • Aguilar: The animal! Did he find it? Does he have the final piece?
  • Scholar: I... hrnh... I fear he does. I could not stop him.
  • Aguilar: Peace, brother. You gave your life for our Creed. You will not be forgotten.
  • Scholar: Th–Thank... you...

The scholar succumbed to his wound and collapsed dead on the floor. Aguilar knelt to perform the last rites.

  • Aguilar: Alvarado is still out there. He cannot hide from us. We need to run him down before he can give the Staff's final piece to Torquemada.


The Spanish Assassins rushed to protect the scholars watching over the last piece of the Staff of Eden, only to find that Alvarado had arrived ahead of them and had taken the fragment by force before fleeing again.


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