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This article is about the genetic memory of Bayek. You may be looking for the altered memory of Aguilar de Nerha.

Higher Education was a virtual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


Tefibi has gotten into trouble again, and has lost his precious papyrus, which also included an offering by his mother Tjepu. The papyrus was stolen by guards, who he knows are patrolling on a felucca in the waters south of Alexandria.


Bayek returned to the southern docks of Alexandria, where he found Tjepu and Tefibi talking.

  • Tjepu: Tefibi, you will be the death of me.
  • Tefibi: No, mother, I will be your salvation. No more olives! No more payment to rent a press!
  • Tjepu: Pay attention to what you have in front of you, idiot boy! Not the mirage you see in the distance.
  • Tefibi: But what a mirage, mother! The white linens of a philosopher, and with that, drachmas!
  • Tjepu: Coins would come from the papyrus you lost! Are you sure this is where you lost it?
  • Tefibi: I already told you! The papyrus was taken from me!
  • Tjepu: Just admit that you lost it!
  • Tefibi: It was taken from me mother. Do not fret, I'll get it back. I only need a small bit of help!

Bayek approached them.

  • Tjepu: Medjay! Your help is needed... again. my idiot son left my offering in his papyrus. Which he lost. I cannot sell my oil without giving thanks!
  • Tefibi: I did not lose it. The guards took it. That papyrus is my life, Medjay!
  • Bayek: They go too far, these guards.
  • Tefibi: The papyrus had my notes! Those bastards threw it on a boat.
  • Bayek: I will look into this, Tefibi. And I will find your offering, little mother.
  • Tjepu: My soul is troubled. The Pharaoh's guards have yet to forget Tefibi's actions.
  • Tefibi: I will find us a better path, Medjay. Never fear.
ACO Higher Education 02

The thiefs aboard a felucca

Bayek boarded a felucca and sailed to Lake Mareotis to look for the soldiers. With the help of Senu, Bayek discovered the soldiers' location and sailed towards their felucca.

  • Bayek: This must be the boat that Tefibi spoke of. I might well be able to get in unseen.

He killed the soldiers.

  • Bayek: These guards will know better than to trouble Tefibi from now on.

He retrieved the papyrus and the offering.

  • Bayek: This is the papyrus... and the offering. Both Tefibi and Tjepu will be happy.
ACO Higher Education 03

Bayek returning to Tefibi and Tjepu

Bayek sailed back to the docks and returned to Tjepu and Tefibi at the lighthouse.

  • Tefibi: Now I'll prove to them I can match them in wits.
  • Tjepu: Still spouting your nonsense! The Greeks will never accept you!
  • Tefibi: Yes, they will! I will be a philosopher soon!

Tefibi left the place. Bayek returned the offering to Tjepu.

  • Bayek: Your offering. Now you can return to selling your olive oil.
  • Tjepu: I worry about him forever. It is hard to understand when you do not have children.
  • Bayek: ...Allow Tefibi his chance. He'll be alright.


Bayek helped Tefibi to recover his papyrus and his mother's offering.



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