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The High Council was a group of Isu responsible for bestowing the titles of "Father of Understanding", "Mother of Wisdom" and "Sacred Voice" .


Little is known about the High Council, other than their actions on two particular points in time.

On day 24 of 2161 IE, the Council gave the order for the creation of humanity, asking for "animals of great strength but limited sense" to do labor the Isu could not do themselves and tasking their current Capitoline Triad with the different aspects of that creation. Father of Understanding Yaldabaoth managed production, Mother of Wisdom Saklas managed the design schematics and Sacred Voice Samael was in charge of recruiting top Isu scientists and philosophers.[1]

A century later, when soldiers came to arrest Loki for the murder of Baldr, he told his lover Aletheia he would appeal to the Council and inform them of what Odin had done.[2] Some time later, Aletheia informed Loki that the High Council had stripped Mother of Wisdom Juno of her title for gifting Odin the seventh method of salvation.[3]



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