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Hideaway was a virtual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relieved by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


Chased by hyenas, young Chenzira cannot be found.


Bayek found Fenuku standing outside a hyena den near the Mountain of the Dead, calling for his brother.

  • Fenuku: Chenzira!
  • Bayek: Fenuku! It is dangerous here. Get on home.
  • Fenuku: Bayek? You're back?
  • Bayek: Where is Chenzira?
  • Fenuku: He wanted to see the skulls in the hyena den. But the hyenas came back. I ran this way. Chenzira ran over by the tomb.
  • Bayek: You are lucky the hyenas didn't chase you. Go back to the village. I will find your brother.
  • Fenuku: Um...
  • Bayek: What?
  • Fenuku: Do I have to tell my parents?
  • Bayek: Chenzira got you into this. He will have to talk to them. Now go ahead.
ACO Hideaway 2

Bayek finding Chenzira in the opposite chamber

Fenuku returned to the village while Bayek made his way into the tomb. At last, he found a gate through which he could see Chenzira inside the main chamber.

  • Bayek: Chenzira! Stay there. I'm coming to get you.
  • Chenzira: Bayek? Is that you? You've come back?

Bayek navigated through the tomb looking for another way to get to the boy.

  • Bayek: How did Chenzira get through here?

Bayek eventually found his way into the main chamber.

  • Bayek: Chenzira! Are you all right?
  • Chenzira: I can't believe you're back.
  • Bayek: You should not be in here!
  • Chenzira: I'm hiding from hyenas.
  • Bayek: Fenuku told me about that. It is not enough to get yourself in trouble? Now you put your little brother in danger?
  • Chenzira: But... it's... with Khemu gone...
  • Bayek: All right, I understand... Let's get you out of here.

Chenzira discovered a tablet and walked towards it. Bayek did, too.

  • Chenzira: Bayek! Look at that! What is it?
  • Bayek: I would like to know myself. Must be very old.
  • Chenzira: Someday I'll learn to read what it says.
  • Bayek: Which way did you get in?
  • Chenzira: That way. But that's where the hyenas are.
    Bayek. I want to tell... well...
  • Bayek: What is it, Chenzira?
  • Chenzira: It's my fault about Khemu. They asked where you were and I didn't think it would hurt anybody if I told them.
  • Bayek: Chenzira, don't feel bad. You had no way of knowing what they would do. Anyone would have done the same thing in your place.
  • Chenzira: I guess.
ACO Hideaway 4

Bayek escorting Chenzira out of the tomb

Bayek and Chenzira began making their way out of the tomb.

  • Bayek: Keep close.

Bayek slid under a passage and found a group of hyenas outside.

  • Bayek: Hyena! Chenzira, hide!
  • Chenzira: They're still here! Help me!

Bayek eliminated the hyenas. Chenzira crawled out of the hole.

  • Bayek: It is safe now. You better get home.
  • Chenzira: Bayek. Can I ask you something?
  • Bayek: Go on.
  • Chenzira: Could I be a Medjay like you one day?
  • Bayek: Well, you can start by looking out for your brother and not taking him to dangerous places.
  • Chenzira: I promise!
  • Bayek: Now get back home.

Chenzira ran home.


Bayek helped Fenuku to discover the whereabouts of his brother and helped him escape the tomb.



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