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Hidden Tax was a virtual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


A woman is begging passersby to help search for her husband, Klaudios, who never returned from a trip across Lake Mareotis.


In the village of Yamu, Bayek found a woman crying in distress at the people around her.

  • Ebio: I have not seen my husband since yesterday. Help me find him!
    Give me your aid! I order you!
    Will you not accompany me? Sekhmet favors the generous!

Bayek approached the woman.

  • Ebio: Medjay! Help me... I will pay you!
  • Bayek: What do you need?
  • Ebio: Last night, my dear husband Klaudios took a boat out to see the ruins across the lake. He has not returned! None of these brutes honor a wife's pain. I beg you...
  • Bayek: I will seek him out.
  • Ebio: Do be quick. I will await you here.
ACO Hidden Tax - Klaudios Surrounded By Crocodiles

Klaudis surrounded by crocodiles

Bayek took a reed boat and sailed towards the ruins in the lake. He discovered Klaudios sitting atop a broken column sticking out of the water, surrounded by crocodiles.

  • Klaudios: Let me be... me in peace!
    (Leave me alone!) Foulest of foul beasts...
  • Bayek: And here is Klaudios.

Klaudios blathered while Bayek dealt with the crocodiles.

  • Klaudios: I... did you... (Crocodiles) can talk! Always something new from Africa.
    Why are you so angry?
    Oh, gods... I think I am going to...
    Hey, you! ... Hello?
  • Bayek: Klaudios?
    Stay where you are!

Bayek killed the crocodiles in the area.

  • Bayek: The crocodiles are dead. Now to speak to Klaudios and find out why he came out here.

Bayek climbed the column and approached Klaudios.

  • Klaudios: Why did you... kill them? We had only just met!
  • Bayek: Klaudios, you're drunk.
  • Klaudios: Yes! That is me... and NO! I am not. I had only two or ten beers.
  • Bayek: All right, let's get you back to your wife.
  • Klaudios: I have a wife?! Mother will be so pleased!

Bayek and Klaudios returned to the boat and began their journey back to Yamu.

  • Bayek: What was your reason for going out there, Klaudios?
  • Klaudios: I was going... mhhmm... I do not really remember. I came from Alexandria for the festival... and some kind of... person... someone... offered me to drink all night. For free! Impossible to resi... resist. What were we talking about?
  • Bayek: How you got here.
  • Klaudios: Oh, right! Then I woke up here, with those (crocodiles) all around. Tell me, can they really speak?
  • Bayek: Egypt is a land full of magic and ancient mystery.
  • Klaudios: Amazing! My friends in the city will never believe it. Did you say something about a wife?
  • Bayek: Yes. Yours.
  • Klaudios: See, I do not understand that. How could I have a wife? I am a virgin. At least. I think I am...
  • Bayek: I will hear no more on this subject. You can take it up with your wife.
  • Klaudios: But you do not understand! Every woman I've ever tried to f--
  • Bayek: Please shut up.
  • Klaudios: I am sorry. This fresh wind off the river is good for me. I am feeling much more clear-headed now!
  • Bayek: Splendid.
ACO Hidden Tax - Ebio Awaiting Bayek And Klaudios

Ebio awaiting Bayek Klaudios

Bayek and Klaudios arrived in Yamu. They were greeted by Ebio, who had been waiting.

  • Ebio: There you are, my dear! I was worried about you.

Klaudios panicked and whispered to Bayek.

  • Klaudios: Oh, by Dionysos! I remember. I went to the island because of her! She... She got me drunk, married me, and told me I owed her a "virginity tax". Whose virginity?
  • Ebio: You can go. This is between me and my husband.
  • Klaudios: No, no... no! No, don't-- don't go. They'll kill me.
ACO Hidden Tax - Ebio's Brothers

Ebio's brothers approaching

Two brutes approached both Bayek and Klaudios and attacked them.

  • Ebio: Show him what happens when you try to cheat a woman.
    Forget him! He's just an idiot Greek. They have taken enough from our land!
  • Klaudios: Please, help me!

Klaudios was knocked to the ground.

  • Ebio: Yes, that is right! Taste your own blood!
  • Klaudios: Mercy! Mercy!
  • Ebio: Your tax collectors never listened when we begged for mercy. Go on! Hit him harder!
  • Klaudios: Why do you let them do this?

Bayek killed the two brutes.

  • Ebio: My brothers! You have slain my brothers, You were suppose to help me, not him!

Ebio ran away. Bayek checked on Klaudios to make sure he was alright.

  • Klaudios: Praise and thanks! You saved my life... and my purse.
  • Bayek: In future, be careful when drinking with strangers.


Bayek uncovered Ebio to be a ruse and helped to save Klaudios life.



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