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Hetepi (c. 90s BCE – 48 BCE), also known as The Lizard, was a priest of Anubis who served under the High Priest Pasherenptah in Memphis and a member of the Order of the Ancients during the reign of Ptolemy XIII. He is known for condemning the said city based on a divine curse, but it turned out to be nothing more than bribes and illegal business.


Hetepi was born sometime around 90s BCE. At some point in his life, Hetepi became a priest of Anubis in Memphis as well as a member of the Order of the Ancients. He orchestrated a series of accidents, ill omens, and general foulness to fall on the city, claiming it all to be a divine curse.

Cursing Memphis

In 48 BCE, Hetepi attempted to sabotage the reputation of Pasherenptah, eager to usurp the position of High Priest and take it for himself. To this end, he orchestrated a massive fraudulent operation to mimic 'curses', in order to manipulate the minds of the people in the city.[1]

Hetepi contracted Tjuyu and Tjanefer to spread death and chaos in the vicinity of the Palace of Apries by dumping bodies in the river, luring crocodiles to attack the living much more frequently and aggressively than normal.[2]

Next, he kidnapped the daughter of the mummification temple's head priest, forcing him to mix sand with natron, which was used to dry out the bodies of the deceased before mummification. To make sure the priest would follow his orders, Hetepi cut off his nose and threatened to do the same to his daughter. The mummies were later brought to a tomb beside the palace, where they would decompose due to the spoiled natron used, producing a foul smell which spread throughout the city.[3]

Sometime later, Hetepi ordered his followers to kidnap Panchrates, the brother of priestesses Taous and Tawe who served in the Temple of Ptah, forcing them to poison the Apis bull with peach seeds to further disrupt Pasherenptah's reputation. To make sure the priestesses followed his orders, he cut off Panchrates' finger and sent it to them as a warning.[4]

Hetepi even poisoned the food in the Memphis Temple with flesh of the rotted mummies, so as to cause sickness among the population, especially in Pasherenptah's wife, who suffered many miscarriages due to this.[4] All of these events made the people and even the high priest of Memphis himself believe that the "Lizard" had cast a powerful dark magic curse upon the city and its inhabitants. This also caused the people and even Pasherenptah himself to doubt his abilities as the high priest.[5]

Discovery and Death

Hetepi's efforts were later thwarted by the arrival and the investigations of the Medjay Bayek of Siwa who discovered the truths about his 'curses' ranging from discovering how he caused miscarriages, how the city's air had a foul odor, why the crocodiles were attacking the civilians more frequently and how he poisoned the Apis Bull. After rescuing Panchrates, the Medjay Bayek discovered The Lizard's true identity. Despite hiding out among his fellow priests in the Great Temple, Bayek was able to identify Hetepi by his coughing and a blue scarf, killing him and saving Memphis from his 'curses'.[6]

Personality and characteristics

Hetepi was a religious fanatic who considered the masses as "cattle of the gods", fit only to be driven by the herdsman's whip. He was also incredibly corrupt and cruel, being willing to pollute the entire city of Memphis with rotten corpses and even to draw crocodiles to attack innocent people just to see his and the Order's plans succeed.


  • Hetepi's mask is the representation of the Egyptian god Anubis, who is often associated with mummification and the afterlife.




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