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Heroes of the Arena was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


Having beaten all the reigning champions of the Arena, Kassandra was told there was one more for her to fight.


Kassandra approached Praxis to arrange her match. He spat before her.

  • Kassandra: Gross.
  • Praxis: You wanna fight someone in the arena?

(If players select "Mystery opponent")

  • Kassandra: I'll face this mystery opponent in the arena.
  • Praxis: Skoura said even the gods will cheer for this one...

Kassandra entered the Arena one more time and waited for her opponent. As she waved to the crowd, Skoura appeared donned in armor.

  • Kassandra: Skoura?
  • Skoura: Look at this, misthios! Feel it! Everything I've been collapses down into this moment. The war. My time in the arena. My daughter Anaia. And you. You, misthios!

(If players asked "Why are you doing this?")

  • Kassandra: Why are you doing this?!
  • Skoura: I found a way. Thanks to you, I found a way to live again!

(If players asked "What about your daughter?")

  • Kassandra: What about Anaia? Think of her, Skoura!
  • Skoura: I've been thinking of her every day since she was born. And now now more than ever.

(If players chose "We don't have to fight.")

  • Kassandra: You need to rethink this. You don't know what you're doing...
  • Skoura: I know exactly what I'm doing.
  • Skoura: You're going to have to fight me, misthios. I won't hesitate killing you if you let me.

  • Kassandra: I won't fight you, friend. I refuse.
  • Skoura: Then you choose death, misthios!

  • Kassandra: Fine, old man. I'll send you into the next life.
  • Skoura: By all means!

Regardless, Skoura drew his spear, forcing Kassandra to draw hers. Skoura attacked with all of the strength left in his battle-worn body, but he was no match for the newest Hero of the Arena. After exchanging several blows, she drove the Spear of Leonidas deep into his gut while Maion looked on with sadness. Skoura collapsed to the ground in his own blood as Maion turned and left.

  • Skoura: Not bad for an old man, huh?

  • Kassandra: Not bad for an old man. Not bad at all.
  • Skoura: I thought so, too.
  • Kassandra: What about Anaia, your daughter?

  • Kassandra: What were you thinking?! Why would you step foot in here against me? What about Anaia, your daughter?

Skoura divulged the truth about Anaia.

  • Skoura: Anaia's gone. She's been dead for nine years.
  • Kassandra: So when you said you'd see her again...
  • Skoura: I was scared that when I finally saw her again, she'd see what I'd become - a useless old man... But you showed me there was still a way I could go to her proudly.
  • Kassandra: As Hero of the Arena...
  • Skoura: Do you think she'd be proud?

  • Kassandra: She'd be proud. I would be.
  • Skoura: I'll tell her of a new Hero of the Arena. A warrior of true honor.
  • Skoura: Thank you, friend.

Skoura passed away from his wounds, at peace with the life he lived.

  • Kassandra: No. I couldn't be... I couldn't be.

Skoura passed away from his wounds.

At Warrior's Rest, Skoura had been laid to rest and a memorial erected. Kassandra stared out at the sea as Maion approached her.

(If Kassandra praised Skoura)

  • Maion: Peaceful, isn't it?
  • Kassandra: It's what we all hope to earn one day.
  • Maion: Peace and respect.

(If Kassandra criticized Skoura)

  • Maion: I don't blame you. I don't know what I would've done in your position. I think that's why he didn't tell me what he was planning. I would've tried to stop him.
  • Kassandra: I did try. And look where that got him.
  • Maion: Skoura was a true warrior. He deserves peace now. And respect.

Regardless, Kassandra asked him about peace and respect.

  • Kassandra: How do we truly earn those? Peace and respect.
  • Maion: Once we're gone, our deeds must speak for themselves. They've defined us and our legacy. It's how we're remembered that matters most. How will you remember Skoura?

  • Kassandra: I'll remember him as he truly was, a Hero of the Arena. And a friend.

Maion nodded before his stoic expression broke slightly.

  • Kassandra: He was a sad, broken old man who should've known better than to step foot in the arena with me.

Maion was clearly hurt by her words and flicked his hand at her.

  • Maion: You're a fool.

Regardless, Maion asked if she wished to return to the Arena with him.

  • Maion: The crowds never rest, misthios. Would you like to go back to the arena with me?

  • Kassandra: Let's go.

Kassandra returned to the Arena with Maion before parting ways.

  • Kassandra: You go. I think I'll stay here awhile.

Maion took his leave of Kassandra while she remained at the memorial for a time.


Kassandra killed Skoura, the "mystery opponent" he had offered her, and put the old warrior to rest.


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