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Herodotos (fl. c. 484 - c. 423 BCE), alternatively Herodotus, was one of the earliest Greek historians. Often referred to as "The Father of History" in Western society, his most famous work is the Histories, a chronicle of Greece that was later divided into nine books named after the Muses.[1] Detractors, however, mocked him as "The Father of Lies" owing to his penchant for embellishment.[2]

During the Peloponnesian War, Herodotos accompanied Kassandra on her adventures and documented her ordeals. These records would eventually become lost to time until their rediscovery in 2018 by Layla Hassan of the Assassin Brotherhood.[3][4]


Early life

Herodotos was born in 484 BCE in the city of Halicarnassus. He was eventually forced into exile on the island of Samos by the tyrant Lygdamis II of Halicarnassus, before later returning to overthrow him in a coup.[5]

Prior to the Peloponnesian War, Herodotos met and became aquainted with the captain of the Adrestia Barnabas.[6] Herotodos also befriended the Athenian statesman Perikles, who led Athens in the later half of the 5th century BCE.[7]

Around this time, Herodotos also regularly travelled throughout Greece, documenting the things he had seen in his Histories.[6] At one point, he also visited the island of Andros, where he came upon a large peculiar vault bearing mysterious shapes carved in stone. However, as he could not gain entrance, Herodotos left it alone and continued his journey. He also became aware of the legendary spear wielded by King Leonidas I of Sparta in the Battle of Thermopylae.[8]

Meeting the misthios

ACOD Barnabas Herodotos and Kassandra

Herodotos' first meeting with Kassandrs

In 431 BCE, Herodotos was tasked by Perikles to seek the Pythia's guidance at the Sanctuary of Delphi. There, he was reunited with Barnabas and was introduced to Kassandra who came to seek the Pythia's help on her family's whereabouts. Recognising the Spear of Leonidas, Herotodos introduced himself to Kassandra and explained his mission in Delphi. Herotodos informed Kassandra that something was strange in Delphi; the number of guards were increasing and people were being turned away from the Oracle.[7]

Nevertheless, Kassandra went ahead and visited the Pythia for answers, but eventually end up being prevented so by the guards. She met with Herodotos outside the temple, who informed her that Barnabas had returned to her ship.[7] Kassandra confided in Herodotos about her past and the Pythia being seemingly aware of it. When she spoke of the Cult of Kosmos, Herodotos told Kassandra he knew and suggested that the Pythia was possibly corrupted by the Cult. As Kassandra sought to meet the Pythia in person privately, Herotodos suggested that she vist the House of the Pythia in the Chora of Delphi, where the Pythia resided in when not at the sanctuary.[7]

After Kassandra had done so, she met with Herodotos outside the Chora and reported her findings, including the location of a chamber used by the Cult beneath the Temple of Apollo. Herodotos was told to wait for her outside the chamber's entrance, as she prepared to retrieve the mask and outfit needed for her Cultist had done so.[9]

After Kassandra had changed into the Cultist disguise, she met with Herodotos outside the entrance, entrusting her equipment to him. When she resurfaced sometime later, Herodotos was told of what she had learn: the Cult's plans as well as her brother being alive and working for the Cult of Deimos. Herodotos urged Kassandra to travel to Athens with him to inform Perikles of what they had found, but not without requesting her to meet him at the Lion of Leonidas in Malis for a moment.[10]

Journey to Andros and Athens

Memories Awoken - Assassins Creed Odyssey

Herodotos and Kassandra at the Lion of Leonidas

At the Lion of Leonidas, Herodotos was greeted by Kassandra and requested her to take our the spear in possession. As Herodotos touched the tip of the spear, a vision of Leonidas' battle and death at the Battle of Thermopylae was shown to him and Kassandra. This seemingly confirmed Herodotos' suspicions of Kassandra's connection to the late Spartan King and he gave the misthios a brief run-through of the events of the battle. Herodotos then told Kassandra of a vault with strange architecture he had discovered on Andros, suggesting that the Spear could be connected to it and that they should travel there to learn more. Kassandra accepted his offer, and both travelled back to the Adrestia in Kirrha. From there, they departed and set sail for Andros.[11]

Olympic Games


Alkibiades, Herodotos, and Barnabas on the Kyllene pier

When Kassandra was tasked by King Pausanias of Sparta to ensure Sparta won the 428 BCE Olympic Games, Herodotos was delighted to learn that they were to escort the Spartan pankratist champion Testikles.[12] Testikles unfortunately never reached the Sanctuary of Olympia, and Kassandra competed in his place instead. Herodotos himself was embroiled in an argument between Makar the Dorian and Lelex the Ionian.[13]

Later life

After Kassandra's Spear of Leonidas eventually ran out of energy, Kassandra gifted it to Herodotos for his research. The spear was later buried along with his research until 2018, when it was found by Layla Hassan.[6]


In 38 BCE, Herodotos' notes about Egypt were used by the priests of the Temple of Thoth in Sinai for research. However, they were later deemed to be filled with misinformation and odd anecdotes, resulting in some of his research being dismissed.[14]




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