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Herefrith (died 875), also known as the Crozier, was the Bishop of Lincolnscire and a member of the Order of the Ancients' Wardens of Wealth who lived during the 9th century.


As a church-goer during his youth, Herefrith was approached by a member of the Order of the Ancients. After joining the organization, Herefrith spent much of his purpose in spreading their faith and message throughout Wessex. Eventually, Herefrith rose to the rank of Preost and returned to his home shire, where he served as the bishop in the village of Louth.[1] Later on, he came to serve in the town of Lincoln, serving alongside abbess Acha and thegn Aelfgar under ealdorman Hundbeorht. However, Herefrith harbored the intention to become the ruler of Lincolnshire himself and intended to spread the Order's message throughout.[2]

The title, The Crozier, was given among other members of the Order once the Viking shieldmaiden Eivor Varinsdottir of the Raven Clan finished renovating the Hidden Ones' bureau in Ravensthorpe.[3] The message was relayed by Hytham, who discovered that a nobleman, The Crozier, in Lincolnscire is part of the Order.[4]

At the town hall in Lincoln, Bishop Herefrith and Abbess Acha were met by Hunwald, accompanied by Eivor. Herefrith firstly scolded Hunwald's love towards Swanburrow just as they arrived, while the location of Hundbeorht, Hunwald's father, was not disclosed to them by either Herefrith or Acha.[5]

After Eivor's investigation on Hundbeorht's fate concluded, Herefrith, along with Hunwald, Aelfgar, and Acha were met by Eivor. After the bad news of Hundbeorht's passing, Herefrith and Aelfgar discussed the topic on the new ealdorman of the shire, while Acha tried to comfort a depressed Hunwald. Thus, Herefrith and Aelfgar decided to have a moot for all nobles of the land. After leaving, Herefrith stopped Eivor as he apologized for his prejudiced words against Eivor and wanted to start again on good terms.[6]

Before the moot, the lives of both Hunwald[7] and Aelfgar,[8] were saved from Anglo-Saxon soldiers, who were secretly sent by The Crozier . In Lincoln, the moot began and later showed that the stones were cast and Herefrith, Aelfgar, and Hunwald were all tied, with Eivor now deemed as the tie-breaker. After Eivor's choice, all lords acted accordingly and most followed their new ealdorman.[9]

Time passed as it was discovered that Herefrith was a traitor and actually The Crozier himself. In retaliation, a siege was planned on the fort at Anecastre, where Herefrith was hiding with his loyal guards. Nearing the end of the siege, a holy man quickly spoke about the bishop's cowardly hiding inside the fort's church. Inside the church, Herefrith talked to the people inside as Eivor steathily walked across the lines above the bishop. Herefrith was assassinated and stopped by a quick Eivor.[10]


  • As an mentor to The Billhook, this led to an apparent guided relationship between two Order members that appeared in Eivor's journey. This union compares to the upbringing from The Vault towards The Needle in Jorvik.[11]
  • In deciding who would be the next ealdorman of Lincolnshire, Eivor may be led to choose either Herefrith, Hunwald, or Aelfgar. Nevertheless, if Eivor chose the latter two, Herefrith reveals his Order ties automatically after the announcement. If you Eivor chose Herefrith, Eivor will have to come back and deal with the bishop as he revealed his identity as The Crozier much later.
  • Like certain Order members, Herefrith played the part of a fellow worshipper of Christianity quite well, even though he believed in the true Gods, like The Rake, Abbess Ingeborg or Sister Frideswid. This also correlates to the confession from Rodrigo Borgia, from his fight with Ezio Auditore da Firenze, in the Vatican Vault, in Assassin's Creed II.



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