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Here Comes a New Challenger was a virtual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


A gladiator master named Thanasis had his two best gladiators kidnapped by bandits as they were on their way to Cyrene.


While in Balagrae, Bayek came across an argument between a lanista and his trainer.

  • Thanasis: Ten years! I trained those men for ten years! I finally had the talent to get me to Rome. Rome!

Bayek approached them.

  • Bayek: What has this man done to deserve such abuse?
  • Thanasis: He fled like a rank coward, leaving my gladiators to be taken captive.
  • Bayek: Gladiators? Can't they protect themselves?
  • Thanasis: They were sleeping. Egidio here was meant to keep watch... Kosey and Wamukota! My two best gladiators!
  • Egidio: We were on our way to the arena and were ambushed by bandits. I managed to escape.
  • Thanasis: You damn coward!
  • Bayek: I will get your gladiators back, but leave this poor man alone.
  • Thanasis: When you find my men, bring them to the Cyrene Arena right away.
  • Egidio: We were attacked northeast from here. Near a wooden bridge on the road to Cyrene.
  • Thanasis: Come Egidio. We may win the championship yet!

Bayek travelled north of Balagrae. He came across a small wooden bridge.

  • Bayek: This is the bridge Egidio mentioned. The bandits must be nearby.

Bayek crossed the bridge and headed up the hills. He came across a bandit hideout. He entered the hideout and eliminated the bandits. He came across one of the gladiators.

  • Bayek: Here is one gladiator. He appears to be drugged. I will get him out of here.

Bayek carried the gladiator out of the hideout.

  • Wamukota: Uuuh... who... are you?
  • Bayek: Egidio sent me to find you. Can you walk?
  • Wamukota: I'll try.

Bayek put down Wamukota.

  • Bayek: Are you all right? Where is the other gladiator?
  • Wamukota: (coughing) That bastard. He betrayed us. He faked his own abduction!
  • Bayek: What?
  • Wamukota: The bandits spoke to Kosey as a friend and gave him a horse.
  • Bayek: DO you have any idea where he went?
  • Wamukota: They told him everything was ready at the lake in the mountain to the north. If you find him, punch him in the face for me, will you?
  • Bayek: (laughs) Sure. Thanasis and Egidio are at the Cyrene Arena, waiting for you. You should rest first, though.
  • Wamukota: Be careful, friend. Kosey is very strong!

Bayek headed further north to the mountains north of the Kelida Hideout. He reached the lake that Wakumota spoke of and discovered a little girl nearby.

  • Bayek: A child all alone?

Bayek approached the girl.

  • Bayek: Hello, little one! What are you doing here?
  • Zalika: I'm not little! I'm five years old!
  • Bayek: I'm sorry! My name is Bayek. What is yours?

A man jumped of the bushes nearby and attacked Bayek.

  • Kosey: Zalika! Get home to your mother. Now!
  • Bayek: I am not here to fight you, Kosey.
  • Kosey: I'm done with all of it! You'll be the last man I kill.

A woman arrived.

  • Hesper: Kosey! Stop!

Both Bayek and Kosey stopped fighting.

  • Hesper: Excuse my husband. It has been a difficult journey.
  • Bayek: Wamukota told me what happened.
  • Kosey: I'm glad he's safe. I didn't want him to get hurt.
  • Bayek: Why fake your own abduction? Could you not buy your freedom from Thanasis?
  • Kosey: I tried, but he refused. As his best gladiator, I can bring him fame beyond price.
  • Bayek: Stay with your family, Kosey. I will deal with Thanasis.
  • Hesper: You are truly sent by the gods!

Bayek travelled to the gladiator arena in Cyrene, where Thanasis and Egidio were waiting.

  • Thanasis: I'll show the Romans. They think I'm not good enough. They think no one is as good as they are.
  • Egidio: We'll show them, master.

Bayek approached them.

  • Thanasis: Ah! There you are. Where are my gladiators?
  • Bayek: They will not come. Wamukota is wounded, and Kosey has declared his freedom.
  • Thanasis: What? I own Kosey! I say whether he's free or not.
  • Bayek: He is gone. I advise you find other fighters.
  • Thanasis: Now there is an idea. I have a deal for you. You fight for me. Win and I'll give you rich rewards.
  • Bayek: That and sign formally for Kosey's freedom.
  • Thanasis: I like your style! Enter the arena. And win! Make me proud!
  • Bayek: Just remember. I do not work for you.

Bayek took part in the arena, challenging the horde mode and fought against five waves of enemies. He won the challenge. As he exited the arena, he realized Thanasis was missing. He approached Egidio.

  • Bayek: I won. Where is your master?
  • Egidio: Please, you must help Kosey. Wamukota came back and told us what he did. Master Thanasis paid some Roman soldiers, and they all went to get Kosey back.
  • Bayek: That rat. Egidio, you'd best find a new master. Nek. I hope I am not too late.

Bayek returned to the lake. There, he found Kosey captured by Thanasis and the Romans. Bayek sneaked near them and hid in the tall grasses.

  • Thanasis: You belong to me, Kosey! I decide your fate, boy.
  • Zalika: Leave my father alone!
  • Kosey: Zalika! Stay back!
  • Thanasis: You want to keep your family safe, don't you? So calmly come with me. You can send them money from yout winnings.
  • Hesper: Let him go, Thanasis! He's done enough!
  • Thanasis: Quiet, you! I tolerated your little love story long enough. You ruined everything!
  • Kosey: Please, leave them alone.
  • Thanasis: I'll keep an eye on them. Why would you fight for me if there is no carrot at the end of the stick? Think about that. You not only betrayed me, you also sent someone after me. He's probably lying dead in Cyrene Arena by now.
  • Kosey: I... I...
  • Thanasis: Louder, boy! I cannot hear you!
  • Kosey: I will make you pay.
  • Thanasis: Such ingratitude. Zalika. Tell your father to obey me or I will make him suffer more!

Bayek attacked the guards behind Hesper and Zalika. He then helped Kosey to attack the soldiers and Thanasis.

  • Thanasis: You?! Kill him!
  • Hesper: Bayek!
  • Bayek: Hesper! Take Zalika and hide!
  • Thanasis: I thought you'd be dead in the arena.
  • Bayek: We had a deal, Thanasis.
  • Thanasis: You are a fool. I trained Kosey since he was eight years old. I own him!
  • Kosey: I won't go back!
  • Bayek: You will own nothing in the Duat.
  • Thanasis: You do not know who you are dealing with.
  • Bayek: I know enough.

Bayek killed Thanasis.

  • Bayek: You are a free man now, Kosey.
  • Hesper: Our son will be named after you.
  • Bayek: A son? Your family is growing?
  • Hesper: Yes. And thanks to you, Kosey will be here to see it.
  • Kosey: It's not much, but take this. I have no use for it now.

Kosey handed Bayek a shield.

  • Kosey: Farewell my friend. I hope our paths cross again.


Bayek discovered the whereabouts of Thanasis' gladiators. Returning to him at the Cyrene Arena, Bayek negotiated a deal with Thanasis, winning 5 rounds in the arena. Upon learning Thanasis' treachery, Bayek helped Kosey to kill Thanasis, thus giving him freedom.


  • The memory was added into the game to commemorate the launch of Horde Mode in the Cyrene Gladiator Arena.


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