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This article is about the Greek city in Messara. You may be looking for the Greco-Egyptian city Herakleion.

Heraklion (Ancient Greek: Ἡράκλειον) is the largest city and the administrative capital of the Greek island of Krete.


Named after the Greek hero Herakles, the city was but a small town during the Peloponnesian War, located in the Octopus Bay of Messara. Despite its size, it had served as the port city for the Minoan town of Knossos.[1]

During the 5th century BCE, the town became the base of operations for the man known only as Swordfish. He demanded the fishermen of the town pay him, in fish as well as drachmae, and mutilated and fed people to the sharks near his hideout below Fisherman's Beacon.[2][3][4][5] The dread of him continued, despite his apparent disappearance from sight following his adventure into the labyrinth below Knossos Palace with his friend Nikios.[4]

During the Peloponnesian War, the town was visited by the Spartan misthios Kassandra.[6]


Despite its relatively small size, Heraklion housed many notable sites. It had a temple of Poseidon, the house of the local leader, as well as the Crane of Oi Drues and the fishmarket of Fisherman's Beachhead.[6]



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