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"This Delta Nome holds Thonis-Herakleion, the town named in honor of Herakles."
ACO Herakleion Nome

Herakleion Nome

Herakleion Nome was a nome of Egypt, situated on the Nile Delta, west of Kanopos Nome and north of Ka-Khem Nome and Im-Khent Nome. The city of Herakleion resided in this region.


In 48 BCE, the Medjay Bayek of Siwa travelled to the city of Herakleion to report to Cleopatra, having eliminated Taharqa, Khaliset, Hetepi and Berenike, who were members of the Order of the Ancients. Upon arriving, Bayek was notified of an assassination plot on Cleopatra's life, leading him to investigate. Bayek and Aya later foiled an attempt by Venator, a Gabiniani who conspired with Lucius Septimius, a member of the Order in his own right.[1]

Sometime thereafter, Bayek returned to the nome, where he travelled to the Yw Huts, situated in the eastern end, in search of Abar, a member of the Phylakes who held the last key to her warrior chest. Bayek fulfiled Abar's request to eliminate the crocodiles in the region, thus gaining her last key to the Phylake treasure.[2]


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