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This article is about the Greco-Egyptian city in Egypt. You may be looking for the Heraklion, a Greek city on Krete.
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Herakleion (Greek: Ἡράκλειον), also known as Thonis-Heracleion, was an ancient Egyptian city located near the Canopic Mouth of the Nile, northeast of Alexandria and Kanopos, in Herakleion Nome.


In 48 BCE, the Medjay Bayek travelled to the city after having slain Berenike, Hetepi, Khaliset and Taharqa, members of the Order of the Ancients. There, he was reunited with his wife Aya, and Cleopatra. Cleopatra sent Bayek to investigate an assassination plot on her life, by interrogating an informant for the Ancients, Livius, whom her men had apprehended.[1]

Following the clues given by Livius, Bayek was able to thwart the assassination plot and uncover the Gabiniani as the ones responsible. When Bayek returned to Cleopatra, they were ambushed by the Gabiniani led by Venator, an ally of the Ancients. With the combined efforts of Aya, Apollodorus and Bayek, they were able to eliminate Venator and quell the assassination attempt.[1]


  • Historically, Herakleion was not a nome and together with Kanopos, it was part of a Nome known as Menelaites.



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