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"Misthios! You are the Athenians' favorite pet, are you not? How did you get in here? No matter, I will send you to Hades to repent for what you did to Eustace and Erastos! And before your body turn cold, I will already be on my way to crush your Athenian masters with the might of Sparta! Now die!"
―Heracliust to the mercenaries hired by Athenian, 431 BCE[src]-[m]

Heraclius (died 431 BCE) was a Spartan polemarch during the Peloponnesian War. He was also a sworn brother of fellow Spartan and general Erastos.


In 431 BCE, when Eustace, Erastos and Heraclius, these three Spartan polemarch is preparing to attack Athens, the news of Eustace has been leaked by Athenian. So, the Misthios hired by the Athenians infiltrate a Spartan camp in Arkadia that gather intelligence on Eustace's location, and learned two more Spartan polemarch's names.[1]The Misthios later killed Eustace in the city before he reached the Spartan camp.[2]

After the death of Eustace, the Athenian scouts have reported that general Erastos is in a Korinthian city and will soon lead his troops towards Athens. In a temple, the Misthios killed Erastos, and he warn the Misthios that his sworn brother general Heraclius will obliterate them and Athenian.[3]

During the war, Heraclius tried to make Boeotian Army join the alliance, this will make his troops through their territory and more powerful to attack Athens. A Spartan messenger was trying to deliver the officially sealed treaty at his secure location near Lebadeia. Unfortunately, this letter has been intercepted by the Misthios.[4]

Unable to wait for the letter, Heraclius eventually still preparing to attack Athens in Boeotia. However, the Misthios make the way facing Heraclius in a square. Heraclius had heard the information about the Misthios killed Eustace and Erastos before, he swears to send the Misthios to Hades to repent for what the Misthios did, and before Misthios died, he will already be on his way to crush Misthios' hirers. Eventually, Heraclius still being killed by the Misthios.[5]



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