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Hepzefa (died 47 BCE) was an Egyptian who served as the Medjay of Siwa during the 1st century BCE.

The closest friend of Bayek, who also served as the Medjay, Hepzefa took over Bayek's duties in his one year absence, protecting the village's residents from the tyranny of the Oracle of Amun Medunamun. After Bayek's return a year later, Hepzefa assisted him in eliminating the Oracle.


Medjay of Siwa

Hepzefa was a childhood friend of Bayek along with Aya, and Kensa.[1] In 49 BCE, after Bayek's son Khemu was killed by the Order of the Ancients, Bayek embarked on a quest of vengeance to hunt down the organization, leading Hepzefa to take up his duties and serve as the protector of Siwa.[2] During his care, the Oracle of Amun, Medunamun, determined to unlock the secrets of the vault beneath the Temple of Amun, had his soldiers brutalize the villagers with extortion and detention. The villagers would look to Hepzefa, who tried his best to keep them safe.

Bayek reunited with Hepzefa

A year later, Hepzefa learned of Bayek's return to Siwa and travelled to receive him. However, upon arriving at an Old Kingdom ruin, he was ambushed by soldiers of Hypatos, the former bodyguard of one of Bayek's targets, Rudjek. Hepzefa held his own against the soldiers before Bayek arrived to help him dispatch them. Reuniting with his friend after a year, Hepzefa escorted Bayek back to the village, explaining the changes that have occurred since he left; the Siwans, including the priests, suffered greatly during Medunamun's tenure, who was later revealed to be a member of the Order of the Ancients known as the Ibis, one of the targets Bayek was after.[3]

Hepzefa watching as Rabiah tended to Bayek's injuries

Regrouping at his home, Hepzefa urged Bayek to rest up before going after Medunamun, to which Bayek refused. it was only with the arrival of Rabiah that Bayek decided to rest up, while allowing her to patch up his wounds. After Bayek had rested, he met up with Hepzefa outside his home, which gave him a new bow to replace his broken one. They were later interrupted by a villager, which warned Hepzefa that Ptolemaic soldiers are looking for him. Hiding behind a tree, Bayek and Hepzefa learned that the soldiers were investigating the death of Rudjek, the Nomarch of the Saqqara Nome and a member of the Order that Bayek had killed. Before the soldiers could rummage Hepzefa's home, Bayek helped him to eliminate the soldiers and prevent them from burning his notes.[3]

Hepzefa brought Bayek to the second floor, where he showed him the Medjay duties that he had since his departure, noting that the villagers are in need of Bayek's help. He also informed Bayek that in order to face Medunamun, he would need to have better armor, which he could get from Benipe, a blacksmith in the village or with the help of Senu.[3]

Sometime thereafter, Bayek returned to Hepzefa, having assassinated Medunamun in the temple complex. There, Hepzefa informed Bayek that Aya returned to Alexandria, visiting her cousin Phanos the Younger in the Great Library. Hepzefa was also told by Aya to inform Bayek of the word Serapis, if the Medjay were to ever travel to Alexandria. As Bayek left the oasis, Hepzefa bid him farewell, asking him to do something about his beard.[4]


Hepzefa's body found by Aya and Bayek

A year later in 47 BCE, Flavius Metellus and Lucius Septimius, members of the Order of the Ancients, travelled to Siwa, where they unlock the vault with the Alexander's staff and a orb. Hepzefa attempted to stop them, though he was later discovered and killed by the Romans. Aya and Bayek later arrived at the vault, where they discovered Hepzefa's body lying on the ground. Bayek was incredibly distraught over his death and carried his body to the Mountain of the Dead, where he was mummified and buried. As the villagers mourned his death, Rabiah gave Hepzefa's personal sword to Bayek, assuring that Hepzefa would have wanted him to receive it.[5]

Behind the scenes

Hepzefa is a character in Assassin's Creed: Origins. He is voiced by Canadian actor Karl Campbell.


  • Like all NPCs, Hepzefa has daily tasks: maintaining his home, cleaning the stables, chopping wood, and reading letters.
  • You can return to Hepzefa at any point in the game. In between missions, Bayek informs his friend of what he has learned during his quest.
  • If Bayek returns to Siwa before main quest The Final Weighing, Bayek and Hepzefa have a short dialogue about the targets Bayek has killed in the story mode up to that point. Following this quest, after Hepzefa's death, his house is boarded up and visiting his tomb across from Khemu's, Bayek pays his respects.




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