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Henry Spencer, Esquire was a member of the East India Company's Court of Directors during the early 18th century. He was also a member of the British Rite of the Templar Order, and in this capacity, was the agent who personally effected the defection of the Assassin Duncan Walpole to the Order.


In 1714, Henry was targeted by the British Assassin Duncan Walpole after his Mentor told him that the Templars at the company had learned of Duncan's ties to the Brotherhood. The Assassin followed him to a tavern and stroke up a conversation with him, during which it became clear that Spencer was indeed a member of the Templar Order and knew of Duncan's own allegiance.

As soon as Henry left, he found himself pursued by the Assassin from the rooftops. When Duncan caught up with him, he made no move to escape or resist as the Assassin leapt upon him. With a Hidden Blade to his throat, Henry explained that he wanted to recruit the Master Assassin to the Templar Order. Convinced that the Templars would allow him to attain the fame and fortune he desired, Duncan accepted Henry's offer.



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