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"You Templars - you're done in Shanghai! You're done in China! No one wants you here!"
―Melville to the Black Cross, 1927.[src]
ACT Henri Melville

Henri Melville

Henri Melville (died April 1927) was a corrupt police inspector during the early 20th century, serving in the Garde Municipale in the Shanghai French Concession.


Sent by the crimelord Du Yuesheng, Melville and his partner were tasked to kill the young Templar Darius Gift when the latter arrived in Shanghai in 1927. After killing the man sent by the Order to meet with Gift, the two detectives accosted their prey, believing he was the Black Cross.

However, Albert Bolden, the true Black Cross, assaulted them before they could harm Gift, lifting the Frenchman back to the rooftop he was standing on with his chain. As the Black Cross interrogated him to know who he was working for, Melville drew a knife after telling Bolden that he didn't know who he was against and that the Templars were done in Shanghai and China. After a quick brawl during which his partner fled the scene, Melville fell from the roof, to his death, before he could tell anything useful to the Black Cross.



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