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"Hendrick van der Heul. Captain Kidd's quartermaster turned captain himself. The path you sought never existed, Hendrick. I hope your suffering was short."
―Connor upon finding Hendrick van der Heul's corpse.[src]
Ghost Ship 5

Hendrick's corpse aboard the Octavius

Hendrick van der Heul (14 May 1676 – c. 1762) was a privateer and quartermaster of William Kidd. He later became captain of the Octavius.[1]


During his captaincy, Hendrick received a piece of Kidd's map containing clues to the location of his Shard of Eden. He also received a letter from Kidd, in which he confided that he was holed up in Boston, and that a particular group was intent on obtaining his Shard.[2]

Hendrick died around 1762 when the Octavius became stranded in ice, while looking for the Northwest Passage. In 1776, the Assassin Connor found his corpse, and retrieved van der Heul's piece of Kidd's map.[3]




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