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ACO Hemon Mastaba

Hemon Mastaba

The Hemon Mastaba was an Old Kingdom tomb located behind the Great Pyramid of Giza. It served as the tomb of Hemon, a vizier to Khufu and architect of the pharaoh's pyramid.[1]

In 48 BCE, an Egyptian scavenger, Turo, fled to the tomb, having stolen a ring from one of his fellow scavenger Rashidi. Various bandits pursued Turo to the tomb in an attempt to steal the ring, only to be surrounded and killed by the nearby hyenas. Despite sliding under a small entrance to seek shelter, a hyena caught up to him eventually, killing him and ate his right hand with held the ring. The Medjay, Bayek, later discovered his fate, having being sent by Rashidi to recover the ring.[2]



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