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Hemming (died 876) was a natural and charismatic jarl, as well as Halfdan Ragnarsson's bulwark in their fight against the Picts.[2] He was the father of Vili Hemmingson.[3]


Early life

Before his travel to England, Hemming and his son, Vili, were well-known and friendly to fellow Viking Eivor Varinsdottir and the Raven Clan itself. After some time, Hemming and his clan left Norway, most likely to its limited resources and lack of economy, and later found himself and his clan a home in Northumbria.[4] Hemming soon proclaimed himself jarl of Snotinghamscire. After much effort, Hemming united the Saxons and Norse people, creating peace in his land.[2]

As jarl of Snotinghamscire, Hemming was in charge and loved by his constituents alike. In fact, he was merciful and gave second chances to those he felt deserved it, such as his advisor, Trygve,[4] and an exiled craftsman he spared from death.[5]

A Tale of Two Jarls

In 876, Hemming sent a letter to Ravensthorpe as an invitation to Eivor from Vili, thus to entice Eivor to come to visit even quicker. Meanwhile, Hemming was preparing to take back Ulkerthorpe from the Pict warriors. During his rouse, Hemming was met by Eivor and they greeted each other. Hemming began rallying his warriors to attack the fort, while Vili and Eivor were behind him and greeted each other. While Vili and Eivor led the warriors, Hemming rally-cried to his men to fight and defeat their enemies.[4]

After the Hemmingsons defeated the Picts, Hemming joined Eivor at the tower within the fort. Wounded, Hemming discussed the future of his shire while he divulged about his impeding death, due to his sickness. Upon Eivor's deduction, Hemming also relented that he wrote the letter to bring Eivor to them faster. Hemming asked for Eivor to decide on whether Trygve or Vili would be a better successor to be the next jarl. After Eivor agreed, Hemming let Eivor discuss his predicatement to Vili as he tended to himself.[4]

Death and afterlife

As time passed, Hemming grew more ill as his warriors let Eivor and Vili know of his impeding end. At Hemthorpe, a bed-ridden Hemming was soon met by Vili and Eivor, as Trygve stayed nearby. Hemming and Vili talked one last time as he felt at ease and happy at the sight of seeing Eivor and Vili together once more. Hemming let Vili know that he was proud of who he is and who he will be. Before completing his last thought, Hemming took his last breath as Vili grasped his hand and stayed with him. Meanwhile, Hemming's funeral was being planned by both Eivor and Trygve as Vili was in mourning.[6]

During Eivor's meditation at The Sleeping Jotun for guidance of the shire's next jarl, a ghostly apparition of Hemming appeared in front of Eivor. While Eivor wanted answers, the draugr Hemming did not relent as he gave no answers in life, thus the same in death. After their brief impasse, the draugr Hemming challenged Eivor to a fight, which led to Eivor defeating Hemming in battle. Before leaving to meet the All-Father, Hemming told Eivor that whatever choice she made would be the right one.[5]

At Hemming's funeral, all attendees, including King Halfdan and his advisor, Hjorr Halfsson, were awaiting Vili to commence the ceremony. As the pyre was surrounded by gifts from nobles and allies, Hemming's funeral started with Vili giving a speech in his honor while all the attending people, including Trygve, stood by and approved of Vili's words. After all was said and done, Hemming's pyre was lit by Vili as the funeral ended with all attendees drinking and reminiscing about their late jarl.[7]


In 885, Toka Sinricsdottir arrived in Ravensthorpe to convince Eivor to help aid in the siege of Paris. Unaware that Eivor had seen Hemming die in 876 nearly a decade earlier, Toka claimed that she sought his help, immediately arousing both Eivor and Randvi's suspicions regarding the true purpose for her visit.[8]



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