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Hell on Wheels was a virtual representation of one of Ezio Auditore da Firenze's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


Ezio Auditore traveled to Monte Circeo, in order to destroy one of Leonardo da Vinci's most powerful machines: the Tank.


Arriving in the Borgia-occupied settlement, Ezio sought the engineer. Though he located the man in the outskirts of the fortress, he was protected by a bodyguard, preventing the Assassin from extracting any information from him. Thus, he tailed the pair from behind, listening to his target converse with his guard, regarding the machine's safety.

  • Bodyguard: The invention is under guard and I caged the spies.
  • Engineer: Those who attempted to steal from Cesare must be punished.

As the engineer entered the heavily guarded factory, Ezio quickly took an alternative route up the eastern walls, passing through a damaged section. Dropping down to where the engineer was standing, he confronted him.

Hell on Wheels 1

Ezio interrogating the engineer

  • Engineer: What do you want?

Ezio broke the engineer's nose.

  • Ezio: Where are the plans for the weapon?
  • Engineer: On a table, at the opposite end of the fortress.
  • Ezio: And the device itself?
  • Engineer: I am not sure. But you need three people to work it.
  • Ezio: Come with me then.
  • Engineer: No! We... we captured three soldiers, they are in a cell across from the plans. They will help you.
  • Ezio: Bene (Good).

Ezio allowed the engineer to escape, and proceeded to make his way to the opposite end of the factory. Finding the plans at a small workshop, Ezio burned them using a torch, and made his way to the captured mercenaries. Dispatching the patrolling guard, Ezio asked the mercenaries where Leonardo's machine was hidden.

  • Ezio: Where is da Vinci's machine?
  • Cannoneer: Follow us. They have hidden the path, but we discovered the entrance.

The Assassin freed and followed the men, however, they were ambushed twice by a large number of Borgia soldiers. Despite this, Ezio and the mercenaries eventually overpowered them and proceeded.

Hell on Wheels 7

Ezio and mercenaries near the Tank

Once led to the entrance to a network of underground tunnels, one of the mercenaries commented on what Cesare planned with the tanks.

  • Captain: Cesare intends it as the centerpiece of his forces. His army prepares for a surprise assault on Sicilia (Sicily).
  • Ezio: We will stop the attack.

Descending underground, the trio came across a long, but narrow passageway. Restricted by gates, Ezio volunteered to find a solution so they could progress.

  • Cannoneer: We need to open that gate.
  • Ezio: I will find a way.

Ezio opened the gate, and then found a way to the second lever.

  • Cannoneer: There you are, finally.
  • Ezio: Do not test me.

Ezio and the mercenaries discovered a raised bridge.

  • Ezio: I will lower the bridge.

After winding a lever to help the mercenaries pass, the Assassin and the two men came across the Tank.

  • Ezio: Leonardo expects me to maneuver this? No instructions. Of course.

Ezio and his new allies took control of the war machine and staged a direct assault against the main weapons factory.

  • Guard: Don't protect it anymore, fire at it!

Easily plowing through the countryside with the powerful weapon, they fired upon any mounted cannons, foot soldiers or other tank prototypes that blocked their path.

Hell on Wheels 12

Ezio about to destroy the last tank

  • Ezio: If ours can be injured, so can theirs.
  • Captain: Just a few more shots!

Blowing the gates of the main factory open and entering the courtyard, they discovered several damaged siege towers, and cannons in the process of being repaired, as well as several working or half-built tanks.

  • Captain: You are crippling Cesare's army!

After having destroying the other war machines and siege weapons within the fortress walls unscathed, the mercenaries took their leave, while Ezio climbed up to one of the buttresses of the factory and stared down at the Tank.

  • Ezio: I wish I could keep you.

Nonetheless, Ezio fired a mounted cannon at the Tank, causing it to explode.


Ezio destroyed all of the tanks and their blueprints, depriving Cesare Borgia of a powerful asset to his army.


  • While using the Tank, Agile guards could be seen using arquebuses, trying to shoot at Ezio; the Tank would receive no damage and the guards would soon flee if Ezio opened fire on them.
  • Although the engineer mentioned three mercenaries, the third was injured and left in the cage. At the end, the mercenaries that accompanied Ezio seemed to leave in the opposite direction from where the Borgia fortress was – therefore leaving the injured mercenary behind. This might have been an oversight.
  • During the final segment of the memory, in which Ezio had to destroy two Tanks, retreating just behind the Animus Wall would make it impossible for the Tanks to shoot him.


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