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Hell's Horses was an altered representation of a fragmented genetic memory.


Clues we gathered from the bodies of the Templar agents we removed from the streets of Florence leads to a shared meeting point: an old abandoned manse once belonging to the noble Contarini family.

It has belonged to them for over a century, but no one has lived there for at least twenty years. We need to get into that manse and see if er can find some information about the Templars' plans for the city. With luck, we may be able to find some of the abducted Florentines as well.


The Spanish Assassins made their way through the manse, eventually finding Perina di Bastian in an upper-level study.

  • Spanish Assassin: Looking for something?
  • Perina: Oh! Impressive. I didn't even hear you there. Um... you're not Templars.
  • Spanish Assassin: Neither are you.
  • Perina: Perina. A fellow Assassin. My partner, Corvo, and I have been trying together information on the sudden influx of Templars here. The brash fool charged off in a lather and I'm afraid he's gotten himself abducted. Along with half the city.
  • Spanish Assasin: Do you have any idea where they might have been taken?
  • Perina: Funny you should ask! I found some missives here which lead to some old wine cellar. Some are signed 'Bonacolto Contarini'.
  • Spanish Assassin: Can we have a look at those notes?
  • Perina: All yours. Hoho... Corvo is never going to live this down. Good luck! I'll see you around.


The Spanish Assassins infiltrated the mansion and met the Italian Assassin Perina di Bastian, who revealed suspicious notes from a member of the Contarini family and informed them of her partner's unfortunate situation.


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