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"Helix Rift Events allow you to witness new stories from different time periods. Where will Abstergo Entertainment's Mobile Animus take you next?"

The Helix Rift Events are periodical events in Assassin's Creed: Rebellion.

Set in times and places outside of the main game, the events are used to introduce new characters, gear, and bonuses based on the earned Data Nodes via synchronization.[1]

Alleged to be the memories of people who lived through them, the Helix Rift Events are Abstergo Entertainment's tours and challenges related to times and places other than the Renaissance Spain of the main Rebellion game.[1] Thus it's possible to visit the 1st century BCE Egypt in The Mask of the Ibis, or the Peloponnesian War in the 5th century BCE Greece in Spears for Hire, For Democracy!, and The Hunter's Hounds. Florence, Italy is visited as it stood in 1493 in A War in the Shadows, while Acre in the Levant serves as the background for the action in The Eagle's Shadow.[1]

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