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This article is about the Helix user. You may be looking for another Initiate, or the research analyst.
"Good choice. Welcome to the Assassins, Initiate."
―Bishop to the Helix initiate, 2014.[src]

The Helix initiate is an individual who was occasionally contacted by the Assassin known as Bishop. They were tasked by her to relive the genetic memories of Arno Dorian in order to find the Sage François-Thomas Germain and, later, those of the twins Jacob and Evie Frye to locate the Shroud of Eden.


Exploring the French Revolution

In 2014, the Helix user was contacted by Bishop after they had completed a playthrough of the memories of a French Templar serving under the Templar Grand Master and a Sage Jacques de Molay. She explained to them that they were being manipulated by Abstergo Industries to sift through memories, following which she asked them to experience an unsequenced set of Arno Dorian's memories. Once the Initiate had completed the first sequence, Bishop offered them a chance to join the Assassins.[1]

After the Initiate accepted, Bishop sent them a video file of Abstergo's Phoenix Project, explaining that the Templars were searching for Sages both in the present and the past so they could sequence a full Precursor genome. The Initiate was tasked with exploring Arno's memories, as he had reportedly encountered a Sage at some point during his life. In this way, the Assassins hoped to find out where said Sage's remains had ended up and recover them before the Templars could.[1]

When the Initiate completed certain memory sequences, Abstergo began performing a server sweep, forcing the Initiate's avatar to flee through Helix rifts to avoid being detected, transporting them into other historical periods in Paris.[1]

The Initiate's research eventually revealed that Arno had buried François-Thomas Germain's remains in the Parisian catacombs. This left Bishop satisfied with the results, as the bones would be too degraded for Abstergo to collect genetic memory data from them. She then asked the Initiate to continue searching Arno's memories for any information that could aid the Assassins.[1] An additional sequence of Arno's memories was later explored by the Initiate, who discovered that Arno had found an Apple of Eden underneath Saint-Denis and sent it to Egypt.[2]

Exploring the Victorian Era

In 2015, the Initiate was contacted again by Bishop, this time to help herself and fellow Assassins Shaun Hastings and Rebecca Crane locate a Piece of Eden in London. Through camera drones, the Initiate watched the pair of Assassins conduct their field work and download the memories of Jacob Frye and his twin sister Evie Frye. Later on, the Initiate discovered that the artifact the Templars were after was a Shroud of Eden.[3]

During their explorations of Victorian London, the Initiate was contacted by Juno and sent forward into time, following Jacob's granddaughter Lydia Frye as she fought German spies in war-torn London. Through Lydia's memories, the Initiate found another Sage. Juno spoke of her past, her working to save the world with other members of the Isu and the death of her husband. Though the Assassins saw it as their duty to fight her, she told the Initiate that another Assassin had "sided" with her previously and hoped they would too.[3]

Thanks to the Initiate's work, Shaun, Rebecca and Master Assassin Galina Voronina were able to find the vault where the Shroud had been stored. The Initiate then watched via the drones as the group of Assassins engaged Isabelle Ardant and her escorts, Juhani Otso Berg and Violet da Costa. During the struggle Violet was ultimately able to escape with the artifact, while Rebecca was seriously wounded.[3]

Despite the loss of the Shroud, Bishop was confident they would recover it in time and thanked the Initiate for their efforts. She then sent them a final piece of footage from Abstergo's computers. The footage showed Violet and Dr. Álvaro Gramática discussing their plans with the Shroud: instead of cloning a member of the First Civilization, they intended to recreate one from scratch using the Shroud's cellular level healing ability. The footage then showed Violet talking to a woman, telling her that she was scared of what would happen to her if anyone found out what she was doing. The woman, revealed to be Juno, told Violet not to worry for she had played her part well, and that she would save the world.[3]

Exploring the Whitechapel murders

The Initiate was one of the many approached once more to relive the memories of Evie Frye as she returned to London in 1888 to investigate the disappearance of Jacob and the string of murders committed by 'Jack the Ripper'.[4]

Over the course of this investigation, the Initiate also intel between the Assassins discussing their current state and future. Ultimately, Bishop relayed a directive from William Miles, thanking the Initiates for their help and telling them to go dark and stay safe.[4]


  • According to Melanie Lemay, Abstergo had trouble finding researchers who could extensively explore the genetic memories of individuals with a high count of Isu DNA.


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