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Heitor was a blacksmith and former mercenary during the 5th century BCE.

He was a friend and mentor to the Spartan misthios Kassandra, during her time on Kephallonia. He was especially fond of his sword, which he simply called Harpe and whose origin was never the same when he told it.


Mentoring Kassandra

During Kassandra's youth, Heitor mentored and helped her, saving her at least once when she and Markos got into trouble.[1] On another occasion, they fought back to back, surrounded by angry pirates.[2]

At one point, Heitor also became acquainted with a fellow mercenary named Himilko and a woman who was married to the latter. After Himilko learned of the affair, he confronted both of them, which led to the death of his wife. Since that accident, Heitor swore revenge and sought to have him eliminated to avenge the death of his love.[1]

Life in Attika

Some time before the Peloponnesian War, Heitor eventually left Kephallonia and settled down in the village of Dekelia in Attika, becoming a blacksmith. However, business was poor and Heitor became nearly broke. Eventually, he resorted to selling his harpe away to the polemarch from Fort Phyle in order to earn some drachmae and restart his business.[2]

Sometime after 431 BCE, Heitor was reunited with Kassandra, who had similarly left Kephllonia. Thinking to reclaim his own harpe, Heitor lied to the misthios and requested that she help him recover the harpe from the polemarch that was "stolen". While Kassandra learned of the true circumstances regarding Heitor's harpe, she nevertheless recovered the sword and reported her results to him.[2]

A while later, Heitor tracked down the whereabouts Himilko, who was held captive at the Rhamnous Military Camp. Sensing an opportunity to take revenge for his lover's death, Heitor once again lied to Kassandra and sought her aid to free the mercenary and bring him to the nearby beach. When Kassandra did so, Heitor awaited them at the beach and the truth was made known to the misthios, who had to make a decision to either let Heitor "take care" of Himilko, or let Himilko go free.[1]



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