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Heike, also known as Raven-Banquet (died 870s) was a Zealot of the Order of the Ancients who operated in England during the 9th century.


Nothing is known about Heike's early life, other than that he originated from Friesland. A good fighter and brave without no fear, Heike held a stalwart impression, when among the public. Nevertheless, Heike was not as bright in terms of his intellect. Having built himself as a fighter, Heike was led by the Order to be inducted into the Zealots. With the Order's backing, Heike held himself as a true mercenary, solely exclusive to his superiors.[1]

In his rounds, Heike patrolled the area along the roads throughout Essexe. It was during one such patrol that he was marked and then fatally defeated by the Viking shieldmaiden Eivor Varinsdottir of the Raven Clan, who was allied with the Hidden Ones. With his death, his Order of the Ancients medallion and a tablet representing the Chariot of Morgan Mwynfawr fell into Eivor's possession.


  • Like other Zealots, Heike had unique fighting methods and gadgets in his weaponry. Upon Eivor's instigation, Heike wielded an unbreakable shield, utilized poisonous grenades, and carried rations to heal himself within battle.



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