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Heika of Friesland (died 876), also known as The Sickle, was a member of the Wardens of Faith sect of the Order of the Ancients in England during the 9th century. Holding the title of Palatinus, Heika worked as a baker in the market of Colcestre, Essexe.


Growing near the waters of Friesland, Heika became quite wise about the deadly inflictions of the Weever fish. Later, Heika, with the guidance of the Order, began a bakery of her own means. However, Heika had certain bread slices, seasoned with Weever fish scales, given to customers the Order wanted dead.[1]

The Viking shieldmaiden Eivor Varinsdottir found a clue, which gave the title, The Sickle, after coming across and killing the Zealot Woden. The clue led Eivor to search the Maeldun's Saltern Camp, along eastern Essexe, as the supply and need of Weever fish came from the area. Lurking around the camp, Eivor found her way inside a barred building on the campgrounds. Inside, Eivor climbed a ladder to the second level of the building and found a note on top of a table filled with scrolls. The note revealed the location and true identity of The Sickle: Heika of Friesland. Her location was revealed to be her bakery in Colcestre. Travelling to the city's market, Eivor found Heika residing in her home, which was also her bakery. Eivor came inside her locale and then assassinated Heika, ending her poisonous business for good.[1]