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Heb Sed

Heb Sed was a realm of the Egyptian afterlife occupied by the disembodied spirit of Ramesses II. It was depicted as a harsh, war-torn desert filled with countless gigantic pharaonic busts.

In 38 BCE, the Hidden One Mentor, Bayek, traveled to Heb Sed through the gateway in Ramesses II's tomb in the Valley of the Kings, after having been directed to it by Nefertari, the wife of Ramesses who manifested as a Ba.[1]


  • Heb Sed refers to the Sed festival, named after the Egyptian deity Wepwawet also known as Sed. It was traditionally observed on the thirtieth year of a Pharaoh's reign and then every few years after that to celebrate their continued rule. As one of the longest reigning pharaohs, Ramesses II celebrated 14 Sed festivals, more than any other ruler.
  • The battlefield littered with chariots evokes the Battle of Kadesh, one of the most significant battles fought by Ramesses II and considered to be the largest chariot battle in history.[2]