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"This is what I call the Heart. It’s the heart of the sword. It’s Joan’s ‘heart’ that would not burn."
Simon Hathaway talking about the Heart.[src]

The Heart was a glowing scarlet sphere that was an intrinsic part of the Swords of Eden, allowing those who were worthy to unlock the weapon's true abilities. The artifacts appeared to react to those who possessed a high concentration of Precursor DNA and a strong will to achieve their goals.



Jacques de Molay is the first known user of The Heart. He had kept it separate from the sword when the weapon was not being wielded in battle, so that in case of loss or betrayal, the two Pieces of Eden would not be taken together. Somehow, De Molay had smuggled the Heart with him into the dungeons of Coudray Prison where he was captive. He carved out a hollow in the wall and placed the Heart inside it covering up the hiding place with plaster. De Molay left some drawings on the wall pointing out the exact place where the Heart was hidden, he even informed those who could read Latin on how this Piece of Eden should be used: “If the heart is strong, it will not break.”, referring that those who has strong will to achieve their goals, believing they do the right thing, will unlock the sword's full abilities.

Middle Ages

The second known user was Joan of Arc. A century later, when she and Gabriel Laxart visited Chinon, she stayed in the Coudray Tower to find the Heart sealed away in the tower’s dungeon. When Joan retrieved it, she kept it, along with her family’s ring, in her pouch. Once Gabriel and the Assassin Jean de Metz found the Sword and delivered it to Joan's hands she activated it because the Heart, as a power source, was in close proximity and most likely because it was wielded by someone with a high concentration of Precursor DNA. From here began Joan's string of victories until she lost her Sword at the battle for Paris on the eighth of September, 1429. While she was captive awaiting judgement for heresy, her friend Fleur, a former prostitute, and de Metz, along with others members of the Assassin Brotherhood, rescued Joan from her fate. In order to fake her death at the eyes of the world, Fleur took her place and, tied to a tall pillar, she sacrificed herself being executioned by burning. The Heart, along with Joan's most dearest things, was in her pouch around her neck at that moment. Geoffroy Thérage, Joan's executioner and Vidic's ancestor, seeing that Joan's Heart refused to turn in a pile of ashes, he burned the corpse three times and the three times he failed. Scared, he threw her remains into the Seine river. Later stated that he "greatly feared to be damned" for killing a holy girl.

Modern Days

The third user known was Simon Hathaway. He went to the Seine, to where he believed the ashes had been cast and I recovered it. At the end of his investigation, he took the Sword, along with the Heart and delivered it fully functional to Alan Rikkin himself.


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