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This article is about the artifact related to the Swords of Eden. You may be looking for another artifact related to the Prophecy Disks.
"This is what I call the Heart. It’s the heart of the sword. It’s Joan’s ‘heart’ that would not burn."
Simon Hathaway talking about the Heart.[src]

The Heart was a glowing scarlet sphere that was an intrinsic part of a Sword of Eden once wielded by Jeanne d'Arc which allowed those who were worthy to unlock the weapon's true abilities. The artifacts appeared to react to those who possessed a high concentration of Precursor DNA and a strong will to achieve their goals.



Persecution of the Templars

The Heart is known to have been in the possession of Jacques de Molay, the last Grand Master of the Knights Templar, during the 14th century. As this artifact unlocked the Sword's full potential, he was very wary of keeping the two together, reasoning that, if the two Pieces of Eden were somehow lost to the enemy, it would be better if they were apart from one another.

When de Molay was arrested, he managed to smuggle the Heart with him into the Château de Chinon, where he was imprisoned. He carved a hole into the dungeon's wall and placed the artifact inside, before covering up the hiding place with plaster. De Molay also left drawings that hinted at the Heart's location, as well as a quote in Latin: "If the heart is strong, it will not break.", indicating how the Heart should be used.

Hundred Years' War

A century later, Jeanne d'Arc and Gabriel Laxart visited the castle, with the former finding the Heart in de Molay's cell. She kept the artifact, along with her family’s ring, in a pouch around her neck. After that she tasked Gabriel and the Assassin Jean de Metz to find a Sword only she could wield.

On Tuesday, 8 March, in a church located at the small village of Sainte-Catherine-de-Fierbois, a crowd of masons gathered and used their picks and chisels to tear up the area behind the altar of Saint Catherine and started digging. There, Gabriel and Jean found the Sword. Once they returned, they brought the accompanying Sword to her. Jeanne's high concentration of Precursor DNA and the close proximity of the Heart, bolstered by her own natural charisma, allowed her to use the weapon to its full potential.

With it, Jeanne earned victory after victory, until she eventually lost the Sword at the battle for Paris on September 8, 1429. She was subsequently imprisoned, but, while awaiting judgment for heresy, Jeanne was rescued by her friend Fleur, a former prostitute, de Metz, and other members of the Assassin Brotherhood. In order to fake Jeanne's death, Fleur sacrificed herself and willingly took Jeanne's place, being executed by burning. The Heart, along with Jeanne's other possessions, were in the pouch around her neck at that moment.

The executioner Geoffroy Thérage saw that Joan's Heart refused to turn in a pile of ashes, leading him to burn the body twice more, but still the artifact stayed whole. Frightened, he threw Fleur's remains and the artifact into the Seine river, though the actions would come to haunt him, fearing he would be damned for killing a holy girl.

Modern day

In 2016, following his discovery that the Sword in Abstergo Industries' possession was missing the Heart, Simon Hathaway traveled to Paris and managed to recover it from where he believed Thérage had cast Fleur's ashes all those years ago. He subsequently delivered both the Heart and the Sword to Alan Rikkin.