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Heads Will Roll was a virtual representation of one of Arno Dorian's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


The Assassins were tasked with the rescue of Didier Paton, a spy that had been betrayed by his employer Maximilien de Robespierre when he discovered the existence of the Templar Order, and the retrieval of Paton's notebook.


  • Bishop: The Law of Suspects has started a wave of paranoia. One wrong word and you're a dead counter-revolutionary.

A prisoner addressed a pair of guards.

  • Prisoner: Citizen, there's been some error. I am no Royalist!

One of the guards bashed the butt of his rifle into the prisoner's face.

  • Guard 1: You have all been named enemies of freedom by your fellow citizens!
  • Paton: I have information for Robespierre.

Didier Paton passed the guards, joined Robespierre in his office and pulled out a necklace bearing a Templar cross.

  • Paton: Citizen Robespierre, we have enemies among us.
  • Bishop: Didier Paton. Patriotic citizen turned super spy.

Paton was shown eavesdropping on civilians criticizing Robespierre.

  • Civilian: We have traded one tyrant for the other.
  • Bishop: Paton got a little carried away. He ratted out hundreds of Parisians - no crime was too small. He got so good at snooping, he found something he shouldn't have...
The scene shifted to Paton witnessing a Templar initiation ceremony.
Heads Will Roll 2

Paton uncovering the Templar Order

The scene shifted back to Robespierre and Paton discussing the Templars.

  • Robespierre: And you can identify these citizens?
  • Paton: Many, yes. They are not loyal to France. I fear they may control members of our own Government.
  • Robespierre: Guards! You truly are a gifted spy, Paton. Perhaps too gifted.

Robespierre then snatched the documents listing the Templar suspects out of Paton's hands.

  • Robespierre: Arrest this traitor!
  • Paton: You can't do this! No!

Paton was taken away.

  • Guard 1: Witness the fate of those who betray their fellow citizens!
  • Bishop: Paton has valuable Templar secrets. And he's no good to the Assassins dead. Get to the notebook. Then save Paton.
    Paton's notebook is a Who's Who of the Templar Order. You need to get it before it's destroyed. The front entrance is pretty heavily guarded. Maybe look around for a more 'sneaky Assassin' approach.

Arno made his way into the Grand Châtelet and tracked down the warden.

  • Bishop: That's the Warden. He's probably got the key with him.

Arno stole the warden's key.

  • Bishop: Okay, you've got the key. Now go get that notebook.

Arno retrieved the notebook

  • Bishop: Got the notebook. Now's the fun part. Let's go rescue Paton.

Arno made his way to the Hôtel de Ville.

  • Bishop: The Assassins have a distraction planned, but there are a lot of Templars here. Take them out first.

Arno killed the three Templars lying in wait.

  • Bishop: Here comes the distraction. Be ready to get Paton out of there.

Several smoke bombs were detonated in the plaza, allowing Paton to escape.

  • Bishop: It looks like Paton's getting away. Use your Eagle Vision to find him before the Templars do.

Arno followed the tracks left behind Paton and arrived at the Holy Innocents' Cemetery.

  • Bishop: Paton must be hiding around here somewhere.

Arno entered the catacombs under the cemetery and found Paton.

  • Paton: Well... what can I do for you?
  • Bishop: Paton eventually joined the Assassins. Nice rescue.


The Assassins managed to save Paton from execution and retrieve his notebook.


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