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"What dark magic is this? That Commandant must never have it."
―Arno Dorian, August 1794.[src]-[m]

Head of Saint Denis

The Head of Saint Denis was an ancient head-shaped lantern, which encased an Apple of Eden. Following the Apple's removal, the Head of Saint Denis became a regular, but self-illuminating lantern, requiring no fuel.



The Head of Saint Denis was a lantern which was created by a succesor of Saint Denis of Paris in the 3rd century. It was used by the succesor to make the populace think that the saint walked with his head in his hands all the way to his resting place. The Apple, which was inside the lantern, was polluting the successor's mind, he returned it to the temple.

Later in the 12th century, the lantern was found and used by the Abbot Suger of Saint-Denis. He used the knowledge attained from the Apple of Eden wired within the Lantern to create the Eagle of Suger—a powerful sword—and hid the Head of Saint Denis inside an Isu temple located beneath the Basilica of Saint-Denis.

In August 1794, Arno Dorian battled a group of tomb raiders sent by Napoleon Bonaparte in order to retrieve the artifact from the Saint-Denis Temple. The Assassin killed their leader, Philippe Rose, and used the power of the Apple contained within the lantern to repel the remaining raiders.[4]

Realizing the dangers of the lantern's power should it fall into Napoleon's hands, Arno removed the Apple stored within and contacted the French Assassins, asking them to send the Apple to Al Mualim in Cairo. Upon delivering the artifact to its escort, Arno kept the relic, the Head of Saint Denis itself, as a memento.[4]

Head of Saint Denis in Brewster's laboratory.

By 1868, the lantern had been obtained by the British Rite of the Templar Order, and was kept by David Brewster inside his laboratory. It was likely destroyed when the device he used to experiment on another Apple of Eden malfunctioned, causing the Piece of Eden to detonate and collapse the laboratory.[5]


Without the power of the Apple of Eden, The Head of Saint Denis was a regular, but self-illuminating, lantern which required no form of fuel to burn. Even dipping it in water would not damage or reduce its effects.

When the Head of Saint Denis was fueled by the Apple of Eden's power the artifact emitted a shimmering blue light and possessed the power to conjure up terrifying illusions which would scare people to the point where they would die from heart failure caused by the intense fear. It could also imbue weapons with a mystical power.

Behind the scenes

The Head is a reference to Saint Denis becoming a cephalophore after his martyrdom. According to his hagiography, he was so successful at converting the local populace that the Roman religious leaders had him beheaded. After his execution, Saint Denis picked up his head and continued his sermon as he walked several miles from Montmartre in Paris to his final death site, which would later become the Basilica of Saint-Denis.