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Having a Blast was a virtual representation of one of Ezio Auditore da Firenze's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


Just after the end of the Carnevale games, the Assassins planned the assassination of the new Doge, Marco Barbarigo, at the La Rosa della Virtù.

There, Ezio Auditore debated with Teodora Contanto and Antonio de Magianis on how he should enter the Doge's party.


HaB 1

Ezio suggesting assassinating Dante Moro

Ezio returned to La Rosa della Virtù.

  • Teodora: I'm sorry, Ezio. We could not have known Silvio would cheat as he did.
  • Antonio: You should have.
  • Courtesan: Sister! You told us to let you know if we saw that rottinculo (cocksucker) who stole the Golden Mask? He's on his way to the Doge's party!
  • Ezio: I will go! I can catch him before he arrives and take back the mask.
  • Antonio: How? By killing the poor stronzo (fucker)?
  • Ezio: Yes. You know what's at stake.
  • Antonio: No! If you kill him, they'll cancel the party and Marco will retreat back into his palazzo. We'll have wasted our time again! Steal the mask instead... quietly.
  • Teodora: My girls can help. They're already on their way to the party, all along the route. They can help you distract him while you acquire the mask.
  • Ezio: Va bene (Alright). I can do that.

Ezio went out and found Dante trailed by a group of courtesans. He blended with them and stole the mask, to which he put it on and hurried to the party.

  • Guard: Buona sera, signore. (Good evening, sir.)

Ezio entered the party and met Teodora.

HaB 3

Ezio passing through the guards, unnoticed

  • Teodora: You made it! Marco is on a boat, just off shore. He's set to make a speech in a few minutes. Use my girls until then. Move with them to stay out of sight.

Dante appeared, accompanied by guards, looking for Ezio.

  • Dante: Find him.

The guards searched, but Ezio blended with civilians and courtesans to avoid capture. At the party, Marco's brother Agostino spoke with a guest.

  • Agostino: Honestly, my brother embarasses himself with this display.
  • Guest: You have no right to speak of him that way - He's the Doge.
  • Agostino: He is Doge in name only, and it's Venetian money he spends. There are larger things at stake and you know it.
  • Guest: Marco was the one chosen to lead. Your father may have thought he'd never amount to much, may have foisted his political ambitions on you - but it doesn't matter now, does it, given where things stand.
  • Agostino: I never wanted to be Doge-
  • Guest: Then it seems you have succeeded wildly!
  • Agostino: Power is more than wealth. Does my brother truly believe he was chosen for any reason other than his riches?
  • Guest: He was chosen for his wisdom and leadership.
  • Agostino: And this is what he does with such wisdom? Offer a light show? He hides away in the Palazzo while the city comes apart at the seams, and then he thinks some expensive explosions will make people forget all their problems.
  • Guest: The people love spectacle. It's human nature. You'll see...

Marco arrived on the deck of his boat.

  • Announcer: Signore e Signori (Ladies and gentlemen)! I present you, the beloved Doge of Venezia!
  • Marco: Benvenuti (Welcome)! Welcome, my friends, to the grandest social event of the season! At peace or at war, in times of prosperity or paucity, Venezia will always have Carnevale!
  • Ezio: Merda (Shit), he's not leaving the boat. I will have to swim out there...
  • Teodora: I wouldn't try it. You'd be spotted right away.
  • Ezio: Then I'll fight my way out there–
  • Teodora: Wait!
  • Marco: Tonight we celebrate what makes us great! How bright our lights shine over the world!
HaB 6

Marco addressing his guests

  • Teodora: That's it! Your pistola (pistol); the one you stopped the murderer with. It's as loud as those explosions. Time it right and you'll walk out of here unnoticed.
  • Ezio: I like the way you think, Sister.
  • Teodora: I'll be waiting for you back at the brothel, my son.

Teodora departed, and Marco continued his speech.

  • Marco: We all know we have come through troubled times, but we have come through them together! And Venezia stands a stronger city for it. Transitions of power are difficult for all, but we have weathered the shift with grace and tranquility. It is no easy thing to lose a Doge in the prime of his life. And to the cruelty of an Assassin who still hides in our midst! Indeed, we all loved Mocenigo dearly. He was a friend to us all, and he shall be missed, but did any of us truly love his policies? Did we feel safer under his watchful gaze? Did we believe in the road he was guiding us down? Or were you beginning to be afraid, like I was? Afraid that Mocenigo could not see clearly; that he was not prepared for what was to come? Well, my friends, I'm here to tell you: I CAN see down that road! I KNOW where we're going! It's a beautiful place, and we're going there together! The future I see for Venezia is a future of strength, a future of wealth! We shall build our fleet so strong, our enemies shall fear us like never before! We will expand our trade routes across the sea, bringing home spices and treasures like we've never dreamed! And I say to those who stand against us: be careful of what side of the line you choose, because either you're with us, or you're on the side of evil! And we will harbor no enemies among our friends. We WILL hunt you down, we will root you out, we will DESTROY you! And Venezia will always stand the brightest jewel in all of civilization!
HaB 7

Ezio aiming at Marco

At some point during the speech, Ezio killed Marco with the Hidden Gun.

  • Marco: No... it's too soon... I'm not ready.
  • Ezio: We rarely are. Che la morte non sia crudele (Death not be unkind). Requiescat in pace (Rest in peace).

Ezio escaped the party, returning to the brothel. Upon entering, he was surrounded by courtesans.

  • Courtesan 1: Beautifully done!
  • Courtesan 2: Che spettacolo! Che spettacolo! (What a show! What a show!)
  • Courtesan 3: A true hero!
  • Teodora: You must be exhausted. Come, relax.
  • Antonio: Ah, the savior of Venezia! What can I say? Perhaps it was wrong of me to doubt you so readily. Now we'll see where all the pieces fall.
  • Teodora: Enough of that now. You've worked hard, my son. I feel your tired body in need of comfort and succor.
  • Ezio: But I have such aches and pains, Sister. I may need a great deal of comfort and succor.
  • Teodora: Oh, that can be arranged. Girls!

The courtesans led Ezio away.


Marco Barbarigo was killed and his brother, Agostino Barbarigo, an ally of sorts to the Assassins was later made the new Doge. Accompanying this, the Carnevale festivities came to an end across Venice.


  • While Teodora suggests that Ezio kill Marco with the Hidden Gun, Marco could also be assassinated with any other weapon.
  • Humorously, if Ezio hired the courtesans standing adjacent the boat and got close enough to it, the guards surrounding Marco would jump off the boat and go to them, making a Hidden Blade assassination much easier.
  • It was possible to fight Dante Moro after assassinating Marco, though Ezio could not kill him. Dante could also be fought after the theft of the mask, but again, he wouldn't die. He would die however if he was assassinated stealthily.
  • Though Teodora hints to shoot while the fireworks were exploding, regardless of the time of the shooting, the guards would always be alerted at once.



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