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"I am merely acting upon a foretold destiny, navigating the whim of greater gods. My actions are simply pebbles."
―Havelok's final moments, 875.[src]-[m]

Havelok (died 870s), also known as The Billhook, was a Viking member of the Wardens of Wealth sect of the Order of the Ancients who operated in Lincolnscire in England during the 9th century. Holding the title of Palatinus, Havelok resided in a villa near the Lincoln Town Hall.


Havelok came to England along with the Great Heathen Army during the invasion of the island in the 860s. While serving, Havelok was recognized by a member of the Order for his quick and ruthless intelligence, and thus introduced him to the Bishop of Lincoln Herefrith, who was a member of the Order in his own right. Havelok joined the Order and became an apprentice to the bishop, thereby gaining stature and experience. By the 870s, thanks to his connection with the Bishop, Havelok became an established landowner and farmer in Lincoln, where he primarily worked on bribing the shire soldiers to do his bidding.[1]

The Viking shieldmaiden Eivor Varinsdottir of the Raven Clan found a clue, which gave the title, The Billhook. The clue led Eivor to search an Aelfgarstun farm northwest of Lincoln in Lincolnscire. Upon searching inside the premise, Eivor came across another clue on top of a barrel of goods. The clue revealed both the location and the name of The Billhook: Havelok. The location was seen to be his villa near the town hall of Lincoln. Upon checking the premise, Eivor found and assassinated Havelok inside his abode and thus his influence over the city.[1]

After his death, Eivor found a different clue among his personal effects, about the member The Bell. The clue detailed that Eivor investigate in the chain blockade along Ember River, in northeast Suthsexe.[1]


  • As an apprentice to The Crozier, this led to an apparent mentorship between two Order members that appeared in Eivor's journey. This union compares to the upbringing from The Vault towards The Needle in Jorvik.[2]
  • For Havelok, the first clue for his identification can be found by either assassinating The Anvil or killing the Zealot Osgar.

Behind the scenes

Havelok's cryptonym of "Billhook" may be a reference to his occupation as a farmer, given its usage as an agriculture tool.

His name is possibly a variation of the name Havelock, which is of Scandinavian and Old Norse origin meaning "sea competition."