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"Hathor, goddess of motherhood and joy. She is loved by all in Egypt, from the least to the greatest. Mistress of the West, she welcomes the dead to the afterlife."
Medjay Bayek of Siwa[src]
ACO Hathor Constellation Concept Art

Concept art of constellation depicting Hathor

Hathor is a goddess in ancient Egyptian mythology, revered as the deity of music, motherhood, and mirth. She was revered by all and is associated with cows, being often depicted crowned with cow horns.

Hathor served as one of the patron god of Memphis, with a temple complex situated in the southern part of the city. By the 1st century BCE, however, it had largely fallen into decay and became one of the camps for followers of Hetepi.

During Ptolemaic Egypt there was a cistern named after Hathor located in Memphis.



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