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"May your eyes remain on the stars, Hasina."
―Bayek to Hasina, 48 BCE[src]

Hasina was a daughter of Menehet, a priest of the Temple of Sekhmet in Yamu, Egypt during the reign of Ptolemy XIII.


Early childhood

Alongside her siblings Soris, Nailah, and Keba, Hasina grew up with her parents in Yamu because her father, Menehet, was a respected priest for Yamu's Temple of Sekhmet. In their childhood, they were quite fond of Menehet's friend, the Medjay of Siwa, Bayek, who they affectionately called Uncle Bayek and enjoyed playing games with.[1]


ACO Ambush in the Temple - Bayek Surrounded

Hasina and her siblings "attack" Bayek

Accordingly in 48 BCE, when Bayek stopped by the temple on his way to Alexandria to reunite with his wife, Aya, Hasina and her siblings were excited to see him. Rather than staying by their mother's side as they were expected to do, they ventured into the temple and snuck up on Bayek from behind. Although the Medjay noticed their approach, he played along with their fun and feigned defeat as Hasina and Soris pounced on him. In response to Bayek's jest that it was unnecessary to stage an ambush on a target they outnumbered, Hasina recalled his prior advice that they use every advantage at their disposal.[1]

Immediately after this, they engaged in a game of hide-and-seek, with Hasina climbing onto the temple's rooftops even though only priests were permitted up there. When Bayek found her, he admonished her for violating the rules, notwithstanding the danger of standing so close to the edge. Hasina insisted that the roofs provided a spectacular position to gaze at the stars, but Bayek assured her that they could watch them from the riverbank. Once all the children were found, the game was over, and they were ushered home.[1]

Later, Bayek paid the children one last visit before he departed from Yamu, finding them playing with toy horses in the public court of the temple at the pylon entrance. In parting with Hasina, he gave his blessings that her passion for the stars never diminish.[2]

Personality and characteristics

A dreamy girl among her siblings, Hasina was captivated by the beauty of the stars in the night sky and always loved gazing at them. This fascination was appreciated by Bayek, for it reflected an underlying idealism and innocence, and was also something his son, Khemu, possessed [3] . Hasina earnestly assured him that she would never forsake this quality.[2]


  • Hasina serves as one of the playable avatars in the game's Discovery Tour mode.




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