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"They hit him in the stomach."
Clay Kaczmarek, 2012.

Erik Weisz (1874 – 1926), better known under the stage name of Harry Houdini, was a Hungarian-American magician and escapologist, stunt performer, actor, and film producer.


In truth, the secret behind Houdini's tricks was an Apple of Eden, with the assistance of it, he was able to perform his Chinese water cell escape in 1913.[1]

Personal life[]

Harry Houdini married Wilhelmina Beatrice "Bess" Rahner in 1894, she remained his spouse until his death in 1926.[2] In December 1915, they took a photograph together.[3]


His Apple was desired by the Templars, and as a result they killed him. On 31 October 1926, Houdini was hit in in the stomach and died, they made his death look like an accident.[3]

He was buried in Queens, New York on 4 November 1926.[2]


Details of Houdini's Apple and his death were later collected by the Assassin Clay Kaczmarek in 2012, and hidden in the Animus for his successor, Desmond Miles to find. Which he did in September of that year.[4] In a photograph of Houdini's Chinese water cell escape was a Morse cipher that read "They hit him in the stomach." [1] A photograph taken of him and his wife Bess in 1915 was also uploaded, followed by a photograph of his grave in 1926.[3]

Later that month while in the Animus' Black Room, Desmond would also find a few pictures of Houdini, along with other figures in history that were either aided or killed by Abstergo Industries and the Templars.[5]