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Harkhuf was an Egyptian brewer from Sais who served as one of Apollodorus' informants during the reign of Ptolemy XIII.


Sometime prior to 48 BCE, Sefetu, who was known as the Firebrand, served as the governor of Sais, imposing heavy taxes, abusing the villagers of the town, and leading many of them to flee. Harkhuf worked with the smuggler, Jeska, who helped to bring the villagers to her village for safety.[1] He also became an informant to Apollodorus, who believed a driving force, known as the Scarab, was behind Sefetu and tasked him to investigate. To that end, Apollodorus sent the Medjay Bayek of Siwa to assist Harkhuf in his investigation. Harkhuf directed Bayek to Kawab, whose grandfather Ghupa was nearly beaten to death and had his tongue cut out when he attempted to uncover the Scarab's identity.[2]

In addition, Harkhuf also sent Bayek to recruit Amosis, a fish merchant and a friend Jeska, who had been previously captured and was thought to have been killed by Sefetu. Amosis was able to direct Bayek to Jeska's whereabouts and assist the smuggler. Jeska would later return to Sais to meet with Harkhuf in order to come up with a plan to deal with Sefetu.[1] However, Jeska arrived too late as Harkhuf himself was captured by Sefetu, who brought him to Fort Nikiou and imprisoned him in a cellar. Bayek, learning of this, travelled to the fort, where he killed Sefetu and escorted Harkhuf to safety.[3]




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