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Harbour Island

Harbour Island is a small island located north of Nassau and administrative district in the Bahamas. During the early 18th century, the island was a pirate colony and trading center run by its deputy governor, Richard Thompson.

In March 1718, the French pirate Alonzo Batilla sailed to Harbour Island to find Olivier Levasseur and secure the Fragment of Eden.

However, upon arrival Alonzo discovered that Charles Vane had gathered an army and was preparing to loot the islands. Alonzo then sank Vane's fleet, stopping the attack and obtained the location of Richard Thompson.

Thompson told Alonzo that La Buse had joined Thatch's crew and was on his way to Charleston in South Carolina. Going after them and catching up with Thatch's ship, Alonzo was eventually reunited with La Buse, who intended to leave the West Indies with the artifact and needed Alonzo to find a ship for him.



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