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This article is about the Keeper of the Order. You may be looking for Haras, the Assassin apprentice.

Harash (died 1190) was the keeper of the Levantine Brotherhood of Assassins, and thus Al Mualim's second-in-command. In spite of this eminent position, he secretly defected to the Templar Order, providing its members with valuable inside information. His treachery remained unknown until uncovered by Adha, whose lover Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad assassinated him in the hopes of protecting her.[1]


By 1190, Harash had converted to the Templar cause in the face of bribery. As a spy embedded in the order's highest ranks, his betrayal greatly compromised the Assassins' security.

In his quest for the Chalice, the Master Assassin Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad discovered Harash's treachery through Adha after rescuing her. The woman, herself, had learned of it only through hearsay, but as the Chalice sought after by the Templars, she could not risk returning with Altaïr to Alep. Though he trusted his friend, Altaïr understood that without concrete proof an accusation to the Mentor would be ineffectual. As a result, he resolved to assassinate Harash through his own initiative—without leaving an explanation to the Assassins—before abandoning the order altogether for a life with Adha.

In the meantime, Harash conferred with a Templar captain at the Alep citadel courtyard in the middle of the night. The knight reported that his forces had discovered Adha hiding on a ship in Tyre. Suspecting she was waiting for someone, they had delayed their capture, for if this person was Altaïr, she would unknowingly serve as bait for their formidable adversary.

Harash fighting Altair

Harash in his fatal duel with Altaïr

Should the bait fail, the captain cautioned, then they would remain in the dark as to his whereabouts. As the Templar left, Harash anxiously warned him not to attract the attention of Altaïr, much to the knight's exasperation. Ironically, Altaïr had returned to Alep covertly, and had observed the entire exchange from the Mentor's office above.

With Harash's duplicity confirmed, Altaïr immediately stormed down to the courtyard to eliminate him. No words were exchanged as the confrontation instantly escalated into a ferocious duel. As the fight raged on, three of Harash's elite henchmen joined in the fray. In spite of the odds, Altaïr prevailed, slaying the three guards and disarming the traitor. Without giving him a second to recover, the Assassin swiftly followed through by leaping at him with his Hidden Blade, killing him.

Personality and traits[]

While older than most Assassins by 1190, Harash was still in great physical shape and an expert swordsman. He donned the robes of the Assassins that was uniquely colored black-and-green.