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"It is natural to fear change. To resist it. But all things change and all things end. The lessons of Ragnarök are clear."
―Harald Fairhair to an assembled althing, 872.[src]-[m]

Harald I Fairhair (c. 850 – c. 932), also known as Harald of Sogn[1] and Harald Hárfagri[2], was a petty king of Vestfold who would later be crowned the first king of Norway.[3]

He was also the reincarnation of the Isu Freyr, Freyja's twin brother.[4]


Assisting the Raven Clan

The son of Halfdan the Black, Harald succeeded his father in 860 following his death and sought to unite the various Norwegian petty kingdoms into a united entity.[3] To accomplish this feat, Harald was assisted by his uncle Guthorm the Wise, who travelled south to seek alliances with the jarls, including the likes of Kjotve the Cruel[5] and Styrbjorn Sigvaldisson of Fornburg.[6]

In 872, on the request of Styrbjorn, Harald and his uncle travelled to Notfall, one of Kjotve's camp that had been raided by Styrbjorn's children Eivor Varinsdottir and Sigurd Styrbjornson. There, Harald offered his support to the two in order to settlement the rivalry between the two clans for good.[7] With the support of Harald's troops, the two siblings were able to storm Kjotve's stronghold, killing the jarl and ending his terror over the region.[8]

Unification of Norway

Soon after, Harald invited the various clans to Alrekstad to attend an althing organized by himself, where he proposed the clans unite under his banner. Hjorr Halfsson and Ljufvina Bjarmarsdottir decline to pledge fealty and surrender their territory as they took their people overseas. Their discussion was then interrupted by Gorm Kjotvesson, son of the recently deceased Kjotve, as he tried to swear loyalty to Harald despite his unwanted presence. After Harald refused his offer, Gorm accused Eivor of poisoning Kjotve, denying him the glorious death for entry into Valhalla. However, this was proven false by Harald himself, who said that his uncle Guthorm had seen Kjotve's death firsthand. He invited Eivor to decide Gorm's fate, and as punishment, he was renamed "Worm" and exiled on pain of death.[9]

Subsequently, Styrbjorn bent the knee to Harald, much to the outrage of Sigurd, who stormed out in protest. Harald was soon confronted by Eivor, he confessed to have been aware of Styrbjorn's plans for some time. He then extended an offer for Eivor to join his family but was declined, though he cautioned both Eivor and Sigurd were required to serve under him if they chose to stay in Norway.[9]

Personality and characteristics

Harald was deemed by many to be too ambitious for his own good. However, this was balanced out by his expert negotiation skills and calm-level headed demeanor. His byname "Fairhair" was a descriptive title regarding his blond hair.[10]

Behind the scenes

Harald is a historical figure introduced in Assassin's Creed: Valhalla. He is voiced by Icelandic actor Aron Már Ólafsson, who also voiced Erke Bodilsson.




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