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Happy Expectations was a virtual representation of one of Ratonhnhaké:ton's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


Connor learned of Prudence's pregnancy, and set out to recruit a doctor to the homestead.


Connor walked up to Warren, Prudence and Lance standing around a crib Lance had crafted.

  • Warren: You want to tell him, my love?
  • Prudence: I'm pregnant!
  • Connor: Congratulations!
  • Warren: It's been a long time coming. It does present a slight problem, however. There's no doctor for miles.
  • Connor: Well, then we should find one.
  • Warren: I know of one that may consider moving here. His name is Dr. Lyle White. It's been a turn since we last saw him but you might try his old house in Boston.

Connor left the couple and traveled to Boston to speak with Lyle. Instead, he found Lyle's apprentice.

Happy Expectations 3

Connor speaking with White's apprentice

  • Connor: Dr. White?
  • Apprentice: No. He's the drunken sot around the corner. If you can get his attention tell him I quit. All this ire on him. Not worth getting caught up in it. I have a family.

Connor ran around the block corner, finding an angry mob surrounding Lyle.

  • Civilian: Murderer!
  • Lyle: You believe everything you read in the broadsheets?!
  • Civilian: Go to hell, you monster!
  • Lyle: I did nothing wrong! It's the Redcoats! Open your eyes!
  • Civilian 1: You make me sick!
  • Civilian 2: Doctor Death! You earned that name! Bastard!
  • Civilian 3: Fight back! You devil spawn!
  • Lyle: Leave me be! 'Tis all lies!

After knocking out the angry mob, Connor spoke with Lyle.

Happy Expectations 5

Lyle telling his woes to Connor

  • Connor: Dr White?
  • Lyle: Yes.
  • Connor: My name is Connor.
  • Lyle: And what can I help you with? Another quote for the broadsheets for you to twist against me?
  • Connor: I am here to make you an offer.
  • Lyle: Don't you know who I am? I'm the doctor the British have been slandering all over town. "White Death"? No?
  • Connor: I was given your name by my friends Warren and Prudence. Prudence is with child and requires a doctor's hand.
  • Lyle: Prudence is PREGNANT!? Ha! They have been trying for years it seems. Maybe getting away from Boston is exactly what I need.


Doctor Lyle White joined the Homestead.



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